Mouth-Watering Wednesdays: Cooking With “More Power”

22 May

Typically for Mouth-Watering Wednesdays, we share great recipes, but today we are sharing a insights on cooking technique. I enjoy being in the kitchen, but sometimes I wish I could make the whole process a little more manly…

Growing up, one of my all-time favorite shows was Home Improvement. Even though the episode aired more than twenty years ago, whenever I think of manly cooking, I think of a certain episode where the boys from K&B Construction show Tim and Al how to cook with power tools. Give it a view…

I always thought that the idea of cooking with power tools sounded fun, but not very realistic… that is, until I ran across this video that shares how you can use a standard issue power drill to create four different kitchen tools…

Not only do you get more opportunities to use your favorite drill, but you also aren’t tethered by pesky cords! Brilliant!

Look around your garage, and with a little creativity, you have a full range of cooking utensils: that sawzall will carve up your ham or turkey in no time, your bench grinder will peel a potato in two seconds, and that rubber mallet will do wonders when you need to tenderize a steak!

Got a creative way to integrate power tools into your cooking? Share it with us in the comments!

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