I’m About To Become A Father…

10 Jun


I think it’s finally beginning to settle into my brain– I’m about to become a father.

I don’t know why it took me so long to hit me, I think it could come from apprehension about the future.  It also could come from the fact that I’m scared to death of dropping my daughter.  My wife and dad both frequently tell me that I don’t know my own strength, so I’m a little hesitant in having an accidental HULK SMASH incident.  I know I’ll handle my baby with care, but still it is a constant thought!

To be honest, I’m also scared having to take care of a helpless little baby. For better or worse, I have come to realize that I will just have to learn to be a dad as I go.

Learning by doing

If you know me, you must understand that I like to be prepared, and I really don’t want to go into this big challenge blind.  So my wife and I have signed up for classes, I checked out some books from the library, and we’re both devouring information from friends and family who have had kids.  As much as I am trying to get ready, I just don’t think that I can prepare myself for this through watching and learning.  I might just have to be tossed into the deep end of the pool and learn to swim with the help of What to Expect in the First Year.

Learning by relating

When I married my wife, I discovered that we were a bit different (extrovert-introvert, dominant-passive, and female brain-male brain to name a few).  It was here in my learning to love the other that I found out more about who I was.  It was here where I learned that sometimes I needed to make sacrifices and listen to my wife instead of trying to fix things.  I learned by relating with the other.

With a daughter about to join us, I will have to do this all over again.  My nephews were easy to relate to: play Star Wars or Avengers and things would be alright.  Now, I need to find out what makes a daughter tick and then delight in that bond with her.

Learning by praying

Most importantly, I’m going to have be more centered on prayer.  As the man of the house, I need to set an example for my daughter.  I want to demonstrate to her what a good man looks like and I want to model for her that it is possible to find a strong God-fearing man in this world.

I might not be a dad just yet, but I know that with God’s grace things will work out.  I think I’m ready to join the next stage of manliness: being a daddy to a little girl.


-Jeremy Riley


Jeremy Riley is the happily married husband of an incredible woman and is also a soon to be dad.  He is a recent graduate of Fuller Seminary and is currently living the dream in Orange County.  As a political staffer, he serves people by day and writes on the side.  He is a history lover, political junkie, and a stand-up desk guy.  Jeremy blogs regularly on the intersection of faith and life at jeremydriley.com and tweets @jeremydriley.


photo credit: kudaker via photopin cc

2 Responses to “I’m About To Become A Father…”

  1. Julie (@InciteFaith) June 11, 2013 at 10:33 #

    You’re going to be an amazing father! 🙂

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