A Big Milestone!

19 Jun


We have hit an important landmark here on More Than A Beard: As of yesterday, this site has shared 100 posts!

I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has submitted articles to the site–without you guys and gals, this site wouldn’t exist! In honor of the occasion, here are 10 classics from “Season 1” of MTAB that you should read if you haven’t yet…

“A Porn Viewer’s Prayer” By Brad Andres

“Lead Like Jesus” By Brandon Pachey

“Things Have Changed” By Daniel Day

“Out Of Gas” By David Wonders

“Do Or Do Not… There Is No Try” By Jason Hesse

“Head And Heart” By Forrest Johnson

“More Than What If” By J.B. Sisam

“Learning To Be Dependent” By Jeremy Riley

“Husbands, Reject Miss Bliss” By Chris Morris

“Fight Club And The Prosperity Gospel” by Steve Macks


2 Responses to “A Big Milestone!”

  1. For the Love of God Too June 24, 2013 at 18:40 #

    Have I mentioned yet what a blessing and an honor it is for me to be a part of this community? Let me know when were ready to grow, Im willing to travel, conventions, you name it!

    • More Than A Beard June 25, 2013 at 00:05 #

      We are so glad to have you, Brandon! Your enthusiasm and heart for this project has been an inspiration to me and your posts have a huge blessing to myself and many of our readers. Thank you for all you do!


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