Introducing… Beard Sauce!

13 Jul


So I have a confession to make…

It’s a little embarrassing to admit as the founder of a website called “More Than A Beard”, but about a week and a half ago I underwent a beardectomy… I shaved.

Every day since it happened I have felt a deep weight of regret (which only gets worse each time I look at my pathetic, beardless self in the mirror). I didn’t shave because I was ashamed of my beard (quite the opposite—it was starting to look resplendent for the first time in ages), but it got scratchy and I couldn’t handle it any more.

You know how it goes: What starts out as a beautiful crumb catcher dries out into an itchy mess and eventually can even develop dreaded “beardruff”. More often than not, great beards are cut down in their prime because they just get really, really uncomfortable for the man growing them.

No longer!

A few days ago I met a beard enthusiast named Megan Webb with a fantastic solution to the beard problems that myself and other men deal with.

Here’s her story in her own words…

My husband, Daniel, has one of the best beards I’ve ever seen. He’s had a beard on and off for the past eight years, and the biggest problem he’s faced (hehe, no pun intended) is the itching and beardruff. The skin underneath his mane would dry out and itch, and when he scratched it, it looked like Christmas in New York all up on his shirt. I decided that for his birthday this past February that I was going to make him a beard conditioner that would help with the itching and hopefully stop the beardruff from falling.

What I ended with was a product that went above and beyond that! After only two uses, the itching and beardruff was completely gone, and there was an added perk! The hair was softer and more vibrant!

Both him and myself enjoyed the results, and we started asking our friends what they thought about the beard growing and grooming process and the issues they have. We concluded that the itchiness and beardruff is a common frustration and often keeps those who’d like to grow a beard from pursuing such a great endeavor because of all the hassle and discomfort. We want to bring to the world Beard Sauce because we believe in this product’s ability to rid the planet of itchy faces. We want beard growers to no longer be encumbered by the skin and all of it’s rude issues!

Megan just started a campaign to launch her brand new product—“Beard Sauce”—and I heartily encourage all of my beard-growing bretheran to check it out.

Beard Sauce is a carefully crafted mixture of oils specifically made for facial hair that completely eliminates itching and beardruff, and makes the hair softer and more vibrant. It’s even great for guys who want to shave- it softens the stubble and makes the shaving process more pleasant, and leaves the skin hydrated and silky smooth.

For all of the information in full detail and a video with some hilarious testimonials, visit the Indiegogo campaign page (seriously! do it now! what are you waiting for?!?). You can also “like” Beard Sauce on Facebook for more updates.

Thanks for this, Megan! Bearded men from around the world salute you!



-Dave Wonders

One Response to “Introducing… Beard Sauce!”

  1. Rhys March 25, 2015 at 05:43 #

    Great article. I also suffer from the itchy beard. I came across this article ( that also has some useful tips on dealing with beardruff. Since implementing some of these, I’ve been able to cure the dreaded itch.

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