Are You Waiting To Start?

26 Jul


Look at this picture. I took it at my church. See that blue thing? It’s a ball.  Trapped in the middle of a thorny bush.  I saw this and thought, “Man, that’s a sermon illustration right there!” Then I thought about the 2011 version of the NIV and thought, “Person, that’s a sermon illustration right there!” I’m guessing what happened is someone threw a ball wrong and it landed in the middle.

They couldn’t reach in because of the thorns.

But if just a little bit of effort would have been exerted, someone could’ve gotten a broom handle or something to just pop it up and out.  The thorns have actually grown around, and perhaps into, the ball.  So to get it now would require a much greater level of effort than if it would’ve been done immediately.  Surely there’s some Biblical analogy we can make, right? A “in this world but not of it” somehow.  Or maybe we could namedrop the Essenes, how it’s good to not stay in the bad environment.

Notice what else is in the picture?  Snow.  And even though we had a May 1st blizzard up here in Minnesota this year, this picture was
actually taken on February 17th. I was thinking about it that long. Before was even started.  I was originally going to
write it for my blog, but then I was going to write it here.


The thing is, every analogy I came up with had some flaw that was just so large I wasn’t able to complete it. I figured someone would comment with “Well, according to ….” and then quote some theologian that I’d have to Google to understand what they were talking about. Of course, no analogy is perfect. If it was, it wouldn’t be called an analogy, but instead called “explaining”.  But I had in my mind what this should be. I didn’t want to settle for less.

So it didn’t get done.

Then Dave and I both signed up for Jon Acuff’s Start Experiment.  It’s part of his “Start.” book.  The idea is that sometimes you need to get up and do it.  Everything that’s been finished has been started. Things that don’t start can’t finish.  Out of 2,000+ people, Dave and I ended up in the same group of 24 people. It’s like going to school that first day and finding someone you know in your Chemistry class.

How many plans do you have on the backburner for your family?

How many things are you waiting for that last piece of the puzzle before you can execute it in such a manner that people would consider making a film about it because it was perfect and awe-inspiring? Kids really aren’t that picky.  McDonald’s is gourmet to them. Don’t delay
something because of a detail that will probably be overlooked by the audience.  I know, I know.  “Overlooked by the audience” wasn’t my
original worry with the picture.  It’s an analogy.

What things have you been delaying?  And more importantly, what sermon would you give about this picture?

-Bryan Logan


Bryan Logan is a father in Rochester, MN. He’s most likely to be writing analogies using geeky references. You can follow him and his wife’s blog at or follow Bryan on Twitter.

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