Book Review: “Clean”

29 Jul


“Every Christian man is born into a sexual war. The enemy attacks the young, hoping to scar them permanently and leave them ruined. But your past is not enough to keep you from the enduringly clean life you want and deserve. Clean is a priceless, no-nonsense resource for every husband, father, brother, son, friend, pastor, and Christian leader on the front lines of this war. It is a soldier’s handbook for those ready to reclaim their homes, churches, and nations for the God who has built them to succeed.”

Dr. Douglass Weiss is the author of more than 20 books, executive director of Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, president of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT), and has been “clean” for more than 25 years… in other words, he knows more than the average guy about the dangers of pornography, masturbation, lust, and adultery!

The essential premise of Dr. Weiss’s Clean is that whether or not we would like to admit it, the church is in the middle of a war for purity and at present we are losing.

For too long, the church has adopted a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in regards to the issue sexual purity either because it is an uncomfortable issue or because they don’t want to deal with the fallout. Because we have failed to confront the issue head on, we no longer have a culture of accountability and folks are falling prey to sexual addiction in rapid numbers:

  • At a recent Christian men’s conference in Southern California, 9 out of 10 of the 565 men in attendance said that lust, pornography, and fantasizing were the habitual, continual, or fatal disconnecting factor in their relationship with God.
  • In a nationwide survey conducted by Christianity Today, 4 in 10 pastors with Internet access reported they have visited a pornographic website and more than one third have done so in the last year. Slightly over half of the pastors (51%) say Internet pornography is a temptation for them; 37% admit it is a current struggle.
  • Average age of first exposure to pornography is 11 years old. 90% of 8 to 16 year olds view porn online (most while they are supposedly “doing homework”)

If those numbers don’t alarm you, you should probably read them again.

There were definitely things about the book Clean that were uncomfortable to read, either because I didn’t want them to be true, or because I knew they were true because of my own experiences. The book is an effective wake-up call that the church can’t continue to operate business as usual any longer. I guarantee this book will shake you and challenge you.

One of the things that I greatly enjoyed about the book is that Weiss consistently remains serious about the topic and doesn’t budge an inch in his intensity for purity, but he doesn’t beat down and shame those who are struggling. There is a lot of compassion for those who are in the midst of sexual addiction, because he has been down that road himself and has dedicated his life to helping men fight through it.

Whether you are a young man or a grandfather, a pastor or a layman, you need to read this book—because even if you don’t struggle with sexual purity, many of your brothers do and they need your help to break through and find freedom. If you are looking for a great men’s ministry resource, Weiss has also put together a Clean DVD set and accompanying journal.

The book offers immensely practical, biblical weapons to fight for purity in your day-to-day life. Clean could very well be the book that saves your marriage or the marriage of someone close to you. I would encourage you to seriously consider buying and reading this book!

Men: It’s time to start looking our brothers in the eye and asking the tough questions. It’s time to pick up our weapons and start using them to defend our families and purity rather than defending our addictions. It’s time to be clean.

Joshua, standing before the angel, was dressed in dirty clothes. The angel spoke to his attendants, “Get him out of those filthy clothes,” and then said to Joshua, “Look, I’ve stripped you of your sin and dressed you up in clean clothes.”–Zechariah 3:3-4 MSG

-Dave Wonders


(I received this book free from the publisher through the  book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review.)

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