Friday Finds: Jane Austen, Five Iron Frenzy, Obscure Seinfeld Reference

9 Aug
medium_7839605310Me reading Asimov’s “I, Robot” may have influenced the image choice this week…

Sorry for the skip week last week, things get a bit crazy around the office this time of year. I promise it will probably happen again… Perhaps reading this week’s finds will distract you from your ire.

Deep Stuff

Wait, What?!

Good To Know

Clip Of The Week

For all our Football(s) fans out there.

-Aaron Pearson

Aaron Pearson is a radio engineer living in Pequot Lakes, MN. He is a husband and newly-initiated father, which is why he is so excited to be a part of the MTAB community. Aaron is an avid disc-golfer, board-gamer, tinkerer, brown-thumb gardener, literary connoisseur (of the SF/Fantasy persuasion), and facial hair enthusiast.
photo credit: Johnson Cameraface via photopin cc

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