To: You, From: The World

19 Aug

Open Letter Cover 2














If the rest of the world wrote you a letter, what would they say?

What kind of letter would they write?

A love letter?
A “you’ve qualified for a low introductory rate” mailing?
A Dear John letter?
A ransom note?
A formal complaint?

I think they would ask for your help.

If you’ve noticed, the world is not doing well lately. Egypt is in chaos. Syria is a bloodbath. Europe is broke and weak-willed. America is over-fed and indulgent. And that is only the first five minutes of the evening news.

The world is hurting.

That’s where you come in.

What if your role as a man is to do something about it? What if the world is waiting for you to make a move, to help?

I am not talking about running for office (although that may be your contribution) or bringing peace to the Middle East (although that would be nice if you can pull it off). I am referring to the unique way God created you—the gift He gave you to not simply consume, but contribute.

What if the rest of the world wrote you a letter asking for your help? How would you respond?

Would you toss in in the garbage?
Would you “feel real bad” for a few minutes then move on with your life?
Or, would you man-up and do something?

Well, guess what, we get to find out. I happen to have connections with the rest of the world. They asked me to pass something along to you. It’s a letter with your name on it.

Now, the ball is in your court.

Read the letter here: An Open Letter to You from the Rest of the World.

Then, in the comments below, share how you plan to respond.

-Josh Irby

Josh Irby headshot

Josh lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina with his wife and three children. For more than a decade he has worked with university students, helping them tell better stories with their lives. If you come to Sarajevo, you will likely find him in the corner of a local cafe sipping a macchiato and talking with friends. He blogs regularly at and you can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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