A New Chapter!

25 Sep

Three weeks ago, I made the announcement that I would be stepping down as the general editor of More Than A Beard, and that I’ve been praying that God would send the right person along to take up the mantle of leadership of the site.

Dear friends, God has answered my prayers!

Today I am excited to share with you that we have a capable new captain of the ship: Brothers, give a warm welcome to David Boyd!

david in hat

David Boyd has over 12 years experience helping adolescents and emerging adults.  He will receive his D. Min from Trinity International University where he wrote on the “Role of the Local Church in the Maturation Process from Adolescence into Adulthood.” David has been married to Rachel for 12 years, and God has blessed them with three energetic boys – Josiah, Andrew, and Tobias.  When not writing, he is playing a video game, playing with his boys – or doing both. You can read more of David’s work on his personal blog – davidboyd.bravesites.com.

Guys, I could not be more excited to be handing over the reigns to David! Over the last few weeks I have had a chance to chat with him over the phone and e-mail and I am really impressed by his intentionality, passion for discipleship, and vision for training up men in the church.

I think that his vision is solidly in line with what has been built up here, and that MTAB will continue to grow and flourish under his leadership. In the coming days, I will continue to be a part of this community in a writers role, but David Boyd will be taking on the role guiding director and site editor.

Can I encourage you to do two things?

First of all, fire him a message of welcome (you can reach him at gdavid@earesources.org). He will also be the person to send your posts to in the future, so direct all your content to his inbox.

Second, keep David in your prayers. It is no small undertaking to run a website/blog and he has many irons in the fire right now. Please join me in praying that God would bless him with wisdom, direction, patience, and endurance as he seeks to bless folks and expand God’s kingdom.

God bless you, David! I’m so thankful to be handing over things to your more than capable hands and I am excited for this next chapter of the journey. I believe this community’s best days are right over the horizon.

-David Wonders

One Response to “A New Chapter!”

  1. ignitetruth1 September 25, 2013 at 12:54 #

    I was just thinking about this. Thank you Lord.

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