Just Keep Swimming

8 Oct

Finding nemoHave you ever had God send you a message through one of your children?  God can use anyone (Pharoah) or anything (remember Balaam’s donkey) to accomplish his purposes.

I will never forget the day when I heard His voice coming from my four year old son.

It was one of those days when I was trying to get my two boys ready to leave the house.  Andrew was two, and Josiah had just turned four.  I was running late on time, and low on patience.  I had Josiah sit down on our stair case to put his shoes on, however, his shoes were no where to be found.  I looked in his bucket (where they were supposed to be).  I looked in the coat closet (where they most likely would be).

After each failed attempt at finding them, I spit out more words of anger frustration and anger.

“Josiah, where are your shoes?”  I yelled at him.

In calm composure, he said.  “Just keep swimming.”

At first, I didn’t quit catch what he said.  I just became even more angry that he would dare talk back to me.  “What did you say?”  I snapped back.

He looked up and hesitantly whispered, “Just keep swimming, Daddy.”

The phrase “Just keep swimming” comes from the Disney movie Finding Nemo.  In the movie, an overwhelmed father searches for his son and finds himself often angry and out of control.  In order to help him through the trials of life, his friend Dory continually reminds him to, “Just Keep Swimming.”

Now I want to let you know that “Finding Nemo” was not his favorite movie, nor was a movie that he had even watched recently.  I don’t even know how Josiah knew the expression applied.

But God did.

And I did.

In that moment, my eyes were opened, and tears began to fall as God revealed my failures through the words of my boy.

As a man, you may feel overwhelmed today by demands of work, being a dad, or a husband.  My prayer for you is that admist the stress you feel, you will hear another voice.

His voice – saying, “Just keep swimming.”

4 Responses to “Just Keep Swimming”

  1. Deena Siddle October 8, 2013 at 18:52 #

    I love it. We had one of our own, but you can tell that we are of a different age group it was “Just change your pants George.” from the movie Beethoven when the dog slimmed the dad and he was going on and on about how he had to change everything now. Out of the mouths of babes God will keep us humble.

    • gdavidboyd October 8, 2013 at 19:10 #

      Children definitely keep us humble. Thanks for reading and sharing your story.

  2. vigorbriar October 9, 2013 at 06:27 #

    Once again, a much needed article for me. Speaking for myself, it’s crazy how frustrated I get when my boys make the same mistake over and over again and don’t seem to improve. Yet I do the exact same thing with the things I struggle with. It’s easy to focus on everything that I’m stressed about instead of trusting in the Lord to sustain me and enable me to life righteously, glorifying Him. Thanks for the reminder!

    • gdavidboyd October 9, 2013 at 08:14 #

      Thanks for your encouragement. This is why we are here to see we are not alone in our struggle to be men of faith.

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