I am a Man

22 Oct

005There are days when I don’t feel like a man.  When I feel as if I don’t measure up to the standards of those around me.  The messages of the world about who I am and what I should be are over-whelming.  Men are to be tough, and often I don’t feel tough.  I fear the “sticks and stones” of life, and I often even melt at the words that weren’t designed to hurt me.  Men are not to cry, but I do cry.  Sometimes out loud, but more often inside.

I am not a man because of how I feel.

I do not need to have a job, or make a lot of money to be a man.  I do not have to be good at basketball, nor stay up late watching footballs games and Sports Center.  I do not have to love duct tape, or be able to fix the washing machine.  My hands are not gnarled, scarred, or calloused.  I do not have to understand the workings of a car motor, or spend my Sunday afternoons watching the big race.  I do not need to be sexy, or have a long list of sexual experiences.

I am not a man because of what I do.

I do not need to be ripped to be a man.  My arms are too thin, my belly too plump, and my chest is too flat. I can be short, tall, skinny, or fat.  In spite of the old wives tales, I do not need to eat my spinach or grow hair on my chest.  I may have long hair, blond hair, black hair, or no hair at all.  Handsome features are not an indication of manhood.  They are only external, while manhood is something that lies within.

I am not a man because of how I look.

I do not need additional confirmation from culture.  For my status as a man was given to me by God himself.  The one who created me, and molded me into exactly what He wanted me to be.   It was decided before time began, and is written into the fabric of my being regardless of how I feel, what I do, or how I look.  Herein lies the truth of the matter.

I am a man because of who God made me to be. 

What He has given me is secure, and no one or anything can take it away.  I was woven in my mother’s womb, crafted in His image, and designed for His glory.  I lack nothing that He desired, and He will supply all that I require.  I do not need to perform, excel, or achieve for He cannot love me more, and could not love me less.  He does not see my outward appearance, but looks upon my heart.  My hours at the gym, do not raise me in His esteem.  For He cares not for how I look, but looks at how I care.  The extra hours at the office, do not advance me in his plan.  For His plan for me is set, and He will be with me each step of the way.

Therefore, I can stop worrying, struggling, comparing, and self-doubting for…

I am a man.

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