An Interview with the Man of Modern “Beard”dom – David Crowder

7 Nov

One of my favorite things about being in radio is having the opportunity to connect with really interesting people: folks in the community, missionaries, pastors, authors, and musicians.  Over the years, I have put together an interview wishlist and near the very top is the famous bearded troubadour: David Crowder. If you ever get the chance to see him live, DO IT! He is a passionate worship leader and is incredibly down to earth.

Last week he came up to the area where I live (in the Brainerd Lakes of Minnesota) for a concert and he called in for a chat. Granted, this interview falls more in the “fun” category than the “spiritual” category, but he is one of the most famous bearded Christian men out there and I figured you might enjoy hearing it.

Interview Contents:

0:00-1:48- Cold weather/Beards
1:49-3:04- Experiencing dinner with the Robertsons (of Duck Dynasty)
3:05-5:35- Crowder plays a round of “Fantasy Band”
5:36-6:38- The infamous asterisk and why DC*B broke up last year
6:39-7:31- Info on the upcoming album
7:32-7:58- Crowder’s favorite album of 2013
7:59-8:46- The biggest thing that God has been teaching Crowder lately
8:47-9:30- What does the fox say/goodbyes

Dave Wonders is the Founder and contributing writer of  When he is not reading and writing, he is radio host at the Pulse at 104.3.


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