Real Win – A Book Review

7 Nov

real winThe fact that “The Real Win” was written by NFL quarterback Colt McCoy initially struck me as a gimmicky attempt to cash in on celebrity, but once I got a chance to hear his (and Matt Carter’s) heart for developing godly manhood, I was blown away. This book ended up being a very encouraging surprise!

How does a man measure success? How does he succeed without compromising his ethical standards, becoming a workaholic, or losing his family in the process? Matt and Colt say that it’s about “the real win”, and no, they aren’t talking about the same “winning” that Charlie Sheen is famous for. They sum it up nicely: “The real win means trusting the Lord, walking with Jesus, and living your life in the way He defined it.” (p177).

The four areas of “winning” that Matt and Colt touch on in the book include the home (marriage and parenting), the work place (working for God, avoiding turning career into an idol), character (fighting temptation and the importance of integrity), and the future (being shaped through trials and seeking God’s glory rather than our own)

One of the things that I really appreciated about this book was that the authors where incredibly transparent about their shortcomings and failures as husbands, leaders, etc. They explain the lessons God taught them as they traveled through cancer, injuries, and career setback and how God ultimately healed their marriages and families. They don’t pull any punches or paint themselves in an unrealistic way, but their humility and honesty made their stories relatable.

Another thing that I really appreciated about the book was that it reached out to a broad audience of men. Yes, one of the authors is a professional athlete, but you don’t need to be a sports fan to get a lot out of the book. Yes, they cover a lot marriage stuff, but they also have a lot of great passages that are specifically for single men.

The range of quality in the “godly manhood” book genre is all over the map and there are quite a few duds, but I would highly recommend “The Real Win” if you are looking for a good men’s group study (they have questions in the back of the book) or for your own study and encouragement.

215635_3474090052643_48750391_1Dave Wonders is the Founder of More Than A Beard, and contributing writer.  He is a man of faith who currently serves as the Midday Host at 104.3 The Pulse.

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