What does he really want?

19 Nov

give him what he wantsTobi (short for Tobias) is about 2 years old.  Although he was a “surprise” child, he certainly blesses us daily.  He is currently in the stage of childhood where a child knows exactly what they want, but are rarely able to communicate it.  This causes much frustration for the parent and the child.

Many times, he will come up to me while I am working on my computer and utter something.  Sometimes the utterance stays the same, sometimes it changes.  But he wants something.

At first, I check the obvious.  “Hungry?,”  “Thirsty?,”  “Night-night?”  After receiving negative from all three (especially night-night), I take a whiff to see if maybe he wants a diaper change.

On one particular day, I discovered that he wanted me to go to the closet so that he could get to some toys.  I made my way through our toy selection, trying to find which toy he wanted so desperately.  The answer was difficult to discern.  I finally decided that he wanted the Playmobile, and pulled out the crate of toys.

He was happy for a moments as I helped him get it out, but as soon as I walked back to my computer, he started crying again.  Trying to accomplish anything during his tears is impossible, so I came back to see what he wanted.  As soon as I got close to him, the crying immediately stopped.

It took me a few minutes to realize what was going on.  Tobi was not interested in the Playmobile or anything else in the closet.  He was interested in me – his dad.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed or overwhelmed by all of life’s demands.  This is one demand, that I think I should fulfill.

Dr. G. David Boyd is the Founder and Managing Director of EA Resources.  He is married to a beautiful woman named Rachel, and is the father to three energetic boys.

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