The Movie every Man should see, but only a few will.

17 Dec

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my parents came into town to visit us.  On the first night they were there, my son looked at us and said, “I want private time with Granna and Pops.   You two need to leave. “  What could we say?  So my wife and I made plans to go to a movie the following night.  Thanksgiving weekend is a huge weekend for going to the theatres.  It seemed as if everyone not at the malls was at the theater. 

My wife’s first request would have been to see some Nicholas Sparks’movie.  But I am thankful that none are currently out.  I hate crying for no good reason.  There were actually no romantic movies out (dodged a bullet on that one).

My first choice would have been “Thor” (for the 2nd time).  It is my first choice because it is a movie about a Marvel super hero.  It is also my first choice just because it is awesome.   (Tom Hiddleston as Loki is simply great.)  However, when I voiced my opinion, my wife gave me no response.

My wife’s second request was to see some movie called “Catching Fire.”  I am not sure if you have heard of it.  I guess it is a big deal to some.  I surprisingly haven’t seen it, and didn’t want to see the 2nd before I saw the first.  So my wife let me pass.

My second request was non-existent because the Hobbit wasn’t out yet.

My wife then suggested that we go to “12 Years a Slave.”  I knew it might not be tough, but I like movies about difficult topics.

The move is about Solomon Northup, a freed black man from New York who is abducted and sold down south into slavery.  Facing the end of his freedom, Solomon fights for survival and for hope in a dark world.

Why should you see this movie? 

The first reason is because it turns slavery from a textbook into a reality.  I don’t want to give away what happens during the film, but I know that you will feel like you are there.   I am not saying it is a good feeling.  There were many times when I felt as I wanted to run, hide.  I covered my eyes.  I covered my ears.  I felt as if I was there, and I could barely handle it.

The movie challenged me to know that I can withstand the circumstances that I am in.  Solomon made choices to cling to hope and his integrity.  He was a great example of being a man.

The movie challenged me to continue to look for injustice in our world today, and to be a voice for those who have none.

As a warning, the movie has a MPAA rating of R due to male and female nudity.  The nudity does not come through a passionate bedroom scene, but through trying to display the reality of the lives of slaves in the south.

I know that many people go to the theater because they want to forget reality, injustice, and the difficulties of life.  I get that, and I often do the same.  The box office numbers reveals this fact.  12 Years a Slave has made about 33.7 million in the box office (and will soon be gone).  Thor 2 has already grossed 188 million.

If you don’t go to the theatre, then rent it.  Whatever you do, you should watch the movie.

There are some issues in life that are hard to address, however, that doesn’t mean we can ignore them.

I believe that watching this movie could make you more understanding, compassionate, and driven to be an instrument for the Kingdom of God.

Unless, you are not tough enough to handle it.  

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