What I learned from a vicious and challenging 2013.

23 Jan

You are my Density.Embrace adversity. This was the cool family motto my wife and I came up with, entering into 2013 from 2012. We thought, albeit a bit arrogantly, we could tackle anything on our own.

Then trials struck. I left a perfectly good situation at a marketing start-up for an E-Commerce Saas company. The Saas situation didn’t end well.  I then focused on my own boutique marketing firm, where I got first hand knowledge about being self-employed. It’s hard being self-employed and not fun at times.

Then the hardest part hit: a handful of my friends got divorced. These marriage’s were of friends of mine and my wife’s. Many of whom I attended their weddings and were a part of their lives, both past and present. It was devastating for me.

My wife and I worked through the constant relationship stress of the lack of professional stability and we moved our entire family into a new home in May.

What did I learn? I learned 4 things:

Everyone’s poop stinks. Meaning, people will let you down. We ALL let each other down. Learn to forgive and extend grace.

Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time. Meaning, we’re all in this life together. We all have struggles and all have unmet needs. Learn to be empathetic.

Empathy, empathy, empathy. Meaning, put yourself in the other person shoes. Not everyone is out to get you or hurt you. Most times, they’re reacting to you and others based on their own emotional wounds, hurts and background.

Embrace adversity. Adversity will come. There’s nothing you can do to stop it. You don’t control what happens on Earth. You don’t control your own density (watch Back To The Future to get the density reference).

I know 2014 will be better.  Most importantly, I will continue to embrace adversity and use what I learned above.

Dave Scott

Dave Scott is a broken Christ-follower, blogger and entrepreneur. David spent 15 years in corporate America, with organizations like Circuit City, California Closets and Verizon Corp. David has also been involved in start-up’s, where he’s led sales and marketing. 
Scott was born and raised in rural, northern MN. He enjoys life as a coffee aficionado and downhill skis. He and his wife have been passionately married for 14 years and have two daughters. 

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