What do you dream for your family?

18 Mar

My church recently did a musical remake of Steven Tyler’s Dream On.  It was simply amazing.  God used the service to make me reflect on what I am dreaming for me and my family.   

I dream of today.

I do not dream of yesterday.  For yesterday is behind.  Yesterday whether beautiful or broken, clear or cloudy, cannot be changed.  Yesterday is behind.  Yesterday can either be the developer or the destroyer of dreams.  I choose to dream.

I dream of today.  Today I dream of a man who walks with God. One who fears The Lord and shuns evil. One who walks in integrity and stands for justice. I see a woman walking with her hand in mine. Her face is radiant and bright.  Her soul is at peace – confident in the love of her Savior and her husband.  I dream of three boys filled with a holy awe of God, and a love for the simple message of Jesus’ love for them.  I dream of a family that prays not out of meal-time conformity, but of life-changing necessity.

I dream of tomorrow. I dream of a man who has walked faithfully with his God. I dream of a man who has experienced the depth of God’s presence and grace. I dream of a man who at the end is surrounded by three men who love God and will continue the mission of our Savior. I see my bride beside me with unwavering faith in that what lies ahead is good.

I dream not of places.  I dream not of positions.  I dream not of experiences.  I dream not of comfort.  I dream not of what is born of man, but of God.  I dream not of what is physical, but of that which is spiritual.  I dream not of what is temporary, but of that which is eternal.

Dreaming reveals your values.  Your values determine your decisions.

What is your dream?

One Response to “What do you dream for your family?”

  1. Melinda Taylor March 18, 2014 at 07:26 #

    I dream of being known as a woman on integrity, compassion and a love for her Lord and family.

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