Worst Advice that I ever Received: Follow Your Passion.

10 Apr

I recently watched a video, a TEDtalk to be exact.   The TED was led by Mike Rowe, host of the Discovery Channel reality show called Dirty Jobs.  In this TED, Mike Rowe describes, in detail, the aspects of working in hard environments.

About 2/3 through the talk, Mike begins equating his Dirty Jobs, into two Greek terms. The one term is called Anagnorisis and the other is Peripeteia. Each have significant meaning to Mike and his TED. I won’t define them here.

Mike talks about how his personal circumstance and discovery (Anagnorisis) drives him to the conclusion that life is about hard work, not chasing your passion. The advice he received about chasing your dreams and passions, albeit from supposed wise mentors, is the worst advice he’s ever received. I agree with him.

Life on this earth can have incredible meaning. But that meaning and purpose is defined by sacrificing self and NOT following whatever passion I want, rather giving up dreams to serve others.

Joseph in the Old Testament went through this, as his brothers sold him into slavery and Joseph became a prison inmate. But he vowed to be the best prison inmate he could possibly be. He didn’t chase his passion.

Job was one of the wealthiest men in the bible. God took it all, instantly. Job never once cursed God, rather praised God in his trial. He didn’t do what he wanted to do, or chase his passion. He was obedient. (God also gave Job twice as much wealth in the end.)

My high school guidance counselor told me to go into 2 fields: teaching or physical therapy. I’m glad I didn’t listen to him. He also told me I could do whatever I wanted to and that life is a big ocean. Again, I’m glad I didn’t listen to this advice.

That’s the worst advice I’ve ever received. Don’t be a dreamer. Don’t chase your passion. Life is about hard work. Work hard and give to others and serve them.

My advice IS the opposite of what we hear everyday, but I guarantee by working hard and persevering, it’s the best advice you’ll ever receive.

Now get back to work.

20140104-140501.jpgDave Scott is a broken Christ-follower, blogger and entrepreneur. David spent 15 years in corporate America, with organizations like Circuit City, California Closets and Verizon Corp. David has also been involved in start-up’s, where he’s led sales and marketing.  He blogs at www.davecscott.com.



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