Humiliation versus Humility.

22 Apr

jesus on crossHumiliation happens when one tries to prove their strength over than another. Humiliation happens when one forces another to take another position, another choice, a different persona.  Humiliation seeks to turn the crowd away from you and unto themselves. Humiliation calls names, points out faults, exposes weakness, and takes advantage of others. Humiliation is something that one does to another.

Jesus was humiliated. He was accused of wrong doing. He was called names. The crowds that once yelled hosanna, were now calling for his death. He was beaten. He was stripped naked. He was abandoned.  Jesus was humiliated to an extent that none of us will experience.

Humility never seeks to prove their strength against another, in fact they never compare strength in the first place.  Humility happens when one takes a position, makes a different choice, takes upon themselves a different persona.  Humility seeks to turn the crowd away from themselves and onto others.  Humility calls out names, points out strengths, exposes injustice, and works for the benefit of others.

Humility is not weakness, but reveals a strength that is beyond what many know or can even comprehend.  Humility is a position that is chosen. Humility cannot be forced.  This trait is not natural, but unnatural.  No, it is beyond unnatural, but exists in the realm of the supernatural.

Jesus chose humility. His humility was most prominently displayed during his humiliation. The cross was not forced upon him. It was something that He chose. This is why God exalted the name Jesus above all others. This is why Jesus was given the name above all other names. This is why every knee will bow before him and very tongue will confess Jesus as Lord.  (Philippians 2)

When the disciples were arguing about who was better, Jesus says that the one who takes on the humility of a child is the greatest.  They desired to be the best disciple- the most faithful, the most powerful.  They had hearts bent on humiliation rather than humility.

Today, will you choose humility or humiliation?  Will you choose to take humility upon yourself, or impose humiliation upon others?

May God give you strength for today’s journey.

One Response to “Humiliation versus Humility.”

  1. Melinda Taylor April 22, 2014 at 07:00 #

    I take humility!!! I take Jesus!! Humiliation is a tool Satan uses to kill the Soul!!!

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