There’s Some Pretty Bad News for Men with Beards.

24 Apr

I wanted to share an article with you this week.  I warn you, the results of this article could depress you.  It may shatter you, and your sense of self-confidence.  It might even cause you to shave off your beard…

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

Just kidding.  I know that nothing could do that.

I think that one of the funniest assumptions of the article is that men actually care about whether or not their beard is fashionable.   Most of the men that I know, don’t keep their beard because it is fashionable.  Men keep their beards because they like them.

I grew a beard.  However, it didn’t look full.  It didn’t make me any more manly.  It didn’t help in the romance department (My wife hated it, and said that it made her feel itchy.)  For these reasons, the beard had to go.

Some men like beards.  Some don’t.

So forget about the bad news.  It really isn’t bad news.  It really isn’t news.

Most of you have already forgotten…  good.

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