Wake Me Up When It is Over.

29 Apr

Recently, my church performed the song, “Wake Me Up” by Avicii. 

Here is my reflection on why we often want to skip through life.


turn in autumnWe want to skip to the ending without feeling the weight if the story. We want to arrive at the destination without a scuff on our shoes. We want to experience the victory without being in the battle. We want the results without putting in the time. We want the goods without paying the price.

The end of the journey will be better with calloused hands, worn out shoes, familiar scars, and memories.

These are the things that will make it real. These are the things that make it not a show we watch, but a life we experienced.

So I will open my eyes and look around me. I will embrace the pallet of colors drawn around me both light and dark. I will put my hands to the plow though my hands are blistered. I will take the next step into the darkness because I know what lies ahead. I will take a deep breath of the air though I feel its toxicity. I will put away the distractions that have numbed my pain and cause me to sleep.

I will work for that which is unrealized on this earth. I will keep my eyes on that which is unseen. I will keep my ears tuned to the voice if the shepherd. I will cling to the one who is not the God of the end. He is the God of the beginning. He is the God of the entire journey.

If I reject the moment, then I am rejecting Him.

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