Signs of the Presence of God

11 Jun

Wallpapers for Desktop Free Download Little Yellow Bird WallpaperThis morning while eating breakfast and wrestling with life’s issues, a bird landed on a tree branch outside our kitchen window. It was a pretty yellow bird with gray and white stripes. I am not sure if it was the bird’s movement or chirping that got my attention, but in that moment I felt like it was God trying to say that He was near.

Now, I don’t normally think that God sends birds to chirp at me outside my window.  We have birds regularly outside although most of them are grey sparrows or black birds.  This appearance was unusual.

So I began to wonder if this was a sign that God wanted me to know that He was still with me.

Immediately, I shock it off, and said that it wasn’t God. God doesn’t do that. If God wanted to say He was there then I would need more than a little bird. If God wanted to say that to me then a red bird would also come.

I took another bite of my egg sandwich, and reflected on my second demand of a sign of God’s presence. I looked back at my yellow friend still chirping in the tree and my eye caught something that I am sure had been there but I hadn’t noticed before.

In front of my neighbors’ house, hung a banner of a red bird. From my current sightline, the red bird was just inches away from the yellow bird.

I took another bite of egg reflecting on this red bird that had now appeared beside the yellow one.  My mind while spinning, was yet unconvinced.  It wasn’t a real bird.  It really wasn’t right next to the other bird. It really wasn’t the bird that I demanded.

While I wrestled with what this red bird meant, the yellow bird flew away. So did my thoughts about God’s presence. It was just a bird – a bird on a banner, and nothing more.

I finished my sandwich and glass of orange juice. I headed out the door ready to begin the rest of the day, leaving thoughts of God’s signs far behind me.

As I reached my car, a noise caught my attention. It was loud. It was clear and impossible to ignore. Yes, it was a bird, but not just any bird – a bright red cardinal. The cardinal sat there singing, and I felt my defenses rise once again and thought to myself, “Well, how can I excuse this?”

In Judges 6, Gideon asked for a sign of God’s presence. He already had knowledge of God’s presence, but he wanted a sign. One wasn’t enough for Gideon either.  He wanted more.  After the cardinal, would I finally accept proof of His presence?

As I reflect on my morning, I began to realize that the reason I doubt God’s presence is because I am not really interested in God’s presence.  I am often only interested in God bringing change.  I want God to change my finances, my health, my pain, my suffering, or the suffering of others around me.  I only believe God is present, when He brings change.  However, this belief is short-sighted, and theologically wrong.

I don’t want proof of His presence on this journey. I want Him to change the journey.

Whether or not you believe in God providing signs, believe this.  God’s presence doesn’t always bring change.  In the same way, change doesn’t always mean God’s presence.  As Christians, we should not be seeking change, but the presence of the One who is able to change.

Dr. G. David Boyd is the Founder and Managing Director of EA Resources.  He loves summers in his current state of Minnesota, but is always dreading the next winter.

One Response to “Signs of the Presence of God”

  1. Melinda K Taylor June 11, 2014 at 14:03 #

    Very well said Dave, I feel the presence of God lots of time in the wild life and the things around me. They always remind me of the mind of and awesomeness of God.

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