Mark Driscoll takes a Short-term Leave.

25 Aug

mark-driscoll_profile_imgThe personality of Mark Driscoll causes many Christians to cheer while others are completely turned off.  Regardless of what you feel towards him and his beliefs – it seems that behind the scenes of Mars Hill (Driscoll’s megachurch), there are major problems.

In the last few months, Mark has been accused of plagiarism, misusing church funds, spiritual abuse of co-workers and members of his church.  Recently, Driscoll was removed from the Acts 29 network that he helped co-found.  Lifeway books has also announced that they will no longer sell his books.  Driscoll will take a leave of absence of six weeks while church leadership decides what lies ahead for the congregation.

So here are some common points that regardless of our positions, we can hold.

1.  Mark is a human who God loves, and who needs to find humility and repentance (as we all do!).  Pray that God will work in his heart and bring him true repentance and renewal.  I personally believe that this is going to take longer than 6 weeks, and will more likely be accomplished while sitting in a pew than standing on a platform.

2.  There are many people who have been hurt, and need to find healing that only God can give.  Spiritual abuse within the church is real, and causes many to leave our Faith.  Pray for these pastors and attenders at this church who have been affected by this situation.

3.  Powerful leaders need strong boundaries.  The popularity and longevity of a leader should only cause a church board to increase the boundaries around lead pastors.  Powerful leaders are sometimes even unaware of their influence and how it affects others.  Pray for the church leadership at Mars Hill who are facing many difficult decisions.

4.  The Kingdom of God is not built on church movements, megachurches, or powerful personalities.  The western church is now driven primarily by megachurches and celebrity pastors.  God, however, is not limited by these things.  I believe a day is coming when believers will flee these things as marks of consumerism and inauthentic Christianity.




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