Mark Driscoll’s resignation letter to Mars Hill Church – A Few Thoughts on What it really says

16 Oct

mark-driscoll_profile_imgAfter several years of trouble and allegations against the megachurch celebrity pastor, Mark Driscoll turned in his resignation letter on October 14.  Here is a complete copy of the letter to the Elder Board.  Here is a little background on the recent troubles regarding Mark’s leadership.  

I first want to acknowledge the courage of the Leadership Team at Mars Hill – the journey that they have been through in the last several months has not been easy.  I pray that they will experience a period of healing, and restoration.  I pray that their leadership “bench” is full, and that some of them are able to rest while the church moves into a new era.

I am not sure if this letter was intended to go public, although I would think that Mark as a “celebrity” pastor would know that it would make its way into the media.    Any form of communication is open to various interpretations, but here are a few positive and negatives about what I saw in the letter.


  1. Mark Driscoll did not disqualify himself from ministry.  This is a positive fact because I am glad that he has aspects of his character that remain intact.  He obviously has skills and abilities that could be used to further God’s Kingdom.
  2. Victims of abuse were not required to relive their experiences.  “Many of those making charges against me declined to meet with you or participate in the review process at all.”  The number of people seriously wounded during the building of this megachurch is extremely sad.  The church’s foundation should be built on the blood of Christ alone, and not on the blood of pastors.
  3. Mark Driscoll points them to the True Shepherd – Jesus.  “Finally, it would be my hope to convey to the wonderful members of the Mars Hill family how deeply my family and I love them, thank them, and point them to their Senior Pastor Jesus Christ who has always been only good to us.”  It takes courage and strength to keep pointing to the Savior when you feel under attack.


  1. Mark Driscoll is still in control.  Language at various time including “hat I had requested a leave of absence” and “that we step aside from further ministry”  He also once again mentions receiving “godly counsel from men and women across the country.”  It is comments like this that show a need to show his status as “no ordinary guy” and a lack of respect for those who are close to the situation.  There still seems to be no submission to the leadership at Mars Hill Church.  I hope that somewhere in his heart he finds a heart that is willing to submit…
  2. Mark Driscoll feels as if he needs to bring up his role in building the church.  Twice in that short letter he mentions his role:  “By God’s grace I have pastored Mars Hill Church for 18 years” and “at the church we helped launch in 1996.”  I can understand the first reference in the letter as a reflect note; however, the second one seems completely unnecessary (except to show credentials).
  3. Mark Driscoll did not disqualify himself from ministry.  I hope that this displays a desire to show aspects of his character.  However, comments like:  “such as aspects of my personality and leadership style, have proven to be divisive within the Mars Hill context”  seem to minimize what occurred.  Apparently he believes that in any OTHER context, his actions and personality would have been accepted?  That word Context – says many things to me (and none of it is good).

I only hope that Mark takes time to truly heal.  He needs to find people (not public Christian friends) to help him gain a proper perspective.  People who don’t care what he has accomplished or what happened at Mars Hill.  I am glad that he is aware that God… “He has brought me a long way from some days I am not very proud of, and is making me more like Him every day.”

God is doing the same to me.

I am not Mark’s judge.  God alone has that role.  These are simply a few observations that could be right or wrong.

However, as the Church, we need to be examining the megachurch movement within America.  We need to examine how it is affecting our communities, the men and women who pastor them, and the Kingdom of God.









Recent months have proven unhealthy for our family—even physically unsafe at times


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