Recent News from Mars Hill and What Christians should learn

11 Nov

Whether or not you like Mark Driscoll, you should read this.

Whether or not you like Mars Hill, you should read this.

Whether or not you attend a megachurch (more than 500), you should read this.

This post is not about attaching a personality, but in noting a few lesson which all Christians can learn from what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Seattle.

News was released this week from Mars Hill, and we can learn from it.

  1. The problem was not found in one person.

    mark-driscoll_profile_imgMark Driscoll isn’t the only one who needs to say sorry.  Powerful people create a system that legitimizes their perspective and supports the abuse inflicted upon others.  While not all apologies need to be public, I hope that those who supported and legitimized Mark’s behavior are also seeking the forgiveness of those who were hurt because of their inability to stand up against his leadership.  I am proud of the leadership who has come forward and offered public apologies for what they allowed to happen at the church (NEWS FROM MARS HILL).  My prayer is that behind the scenes, hundreds of people are being healed now that the power structure of silence and abuse is broken.


  1. Churches who are dependent upon a personality are not really churches, but a Christianized talk show.

    It was announced that Mars Hill church will be disbanded, and that all satellite churches are becoming distinct separate communities (NEWS FROM MARS HILL).  The disbanding of Mars Hill reflects that these organizations were centered on Mark rather than the spiritual community of believers, and geographical location.  Churches should be grounded to the community around it.  If your church is not unique to your environment, and the people attending, then put it on the airwaves – you are “Oprah” in the making.   Unfortunately, this is the basis upon what most satellite churches are built.


  1. Many Christians are desperate for a charismatic leader.

    I bet if Mark Driscoll announced that he was ready to start over with a new church, that he would start with several thousand people.  It is a sad reflection of the church today that we have celebrity pastors who write books, and speak for the masses, and build walls and leadership structures that keep them isolated from the masses, and free to act as they wish.  While I am not opposed to people who speak, travel, or write, the western church has become dependent upon this current format.  There are probably trendy, hip pastors moving to Seattle ready to step in the gap left by Mark.  Dear Christians, you have a leader, and his name is Jesus – follow Him.


Dr. G. David Boyd is the Founder and Managing Director for EA Resources.

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