10 Things We Need To Hear From Young Church Leaders

5 Feb


This week, I am focusing on the concept that the church needs to empower young leadership.  I came across this article that I wanted to share with my readers.  I love the positive expression with which the author speaks about those younger than himself.

Many churches believe that younger leadership refers to anyone who isn’t quite a Baby boomer.  However, we need to reach deeper and call upon leadership from all generations.  Are you calling upon young men to lead within your men’s ministry?  Are you making room on your church board for younger voices?  The Body of Christ is incomplete without a complete mix of God’s people.

By sharing it, I hope that…

1.  Younger Leaders will be challenged to speak out within their communities for change.

2.  Older Leaders will seek out  younger leaders from whom to listen and learn.

3.  Inter-generational bonds will be built for the strength of the Advancing Kingdom of God.

Here is the article – Enjoy!

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