Why Won’t Christian Men Date Women Who Go To Their Church?

10 Mar

ChurchHere is an article that I came across over the weekend.

As someone who has worked within the church among teenagers and emerging adults, I have seen how dating can change the social climate of a group.

Here are some reasons why the men interviewed would not date women at their church.

Reason #1: They’re worried about their reputations.

I have seen men get ridiculed for not asking out any girls, only to be later scorned for asking out too many.

Reason #2: Rather than giving them more options, dating girls at church actually gives them fewer options.

Reason #3: It complicates things.

Due to the small size of many emerging adult communities at churches, a relationship often means the destruction of a social group.  If a man enjoys his church home, he may not wish to jeopardize this community by dating.

Reason #4: There are so many better ways to meet women.

Dating website have clearly changed the way that single Christians meet and date.

Reason #5: It feels inappropriate.


What are your thoughts?


Here is the full article Christy Krumm.

2 Responses to “Why Won’t Christian Men Date Women Who Go To Their Church?”

  1. Matthew March 10, 2015 at 09:29 #

    Yep, especially #3. When you break up, especially if it is a hard break up, it makes it really hard to stay in a small community. You lose more than just the relationship, you lose so much of the areas you are involved in if she is also involved in them.

  2. outstandingbachelor March 10, 2015 at 13:19 #

    It is important to regard the woman’s reputation: she probably does not want to be known as the one who dates all the men at church.

    That said, the ladies at church seem to ‘set the standard’ of what I am looking for in a woman.

    And some ‘dating’ can actually simply be chatting with her informally, to get to know her.

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