Is Russell Brand our new Ally for Fighting Pornography?

12 Mar


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Regardless of what you think about Russell Brand, he has emerged once again in the news for something you might not expect from him…

 Speaking out against 50 Shades of Grey and Pornography.

Here is the Original Video.

I want to make a few things clear…

  • I did not see 50 Shades of Grade (nor do I want to see it).
  • I believe that Pornography and 50 Shades is unhealthy for our society, and destructive to humanity.
  • The Content of Russell’s Brand is Excellent.
  • Russell Brand is a great speaker, engaging, and intelligent.

However, am I the only one struggling with Russell Brand as a spokesperson for ending pornography in our world?

What does this reveal to us?

1.  Our desperate desire for people to speak out against porn overrules the context.  

Russell BrandDid Russell Brand just roll out of bed (wrapped only in a bed sheet), and decide to record an episode of The Trews?  While his bed is regularly the setting for his videos, how did people fail to notice that his body is barely covered?  I am not sure how the entire episode could have been recorded, edited, and produced without someone realizing that the entire video could qualify as soft porn.  I hope that in future broadcasts, Russell will consider his own words when filming the show.

2.  Our desperate desire for people to speak out against porn overrules their past.

Please know that this is not to blast Russell Brand for his past or present (because that is not my job).  Popularity and media power outstrip integrity.  I am glad that Russell spoke out about his use of porn.  The piece would have been more powerful if he would have acknowledged how many times that his own body (as soft core porn) has been used to promote his work and career.

An effective spokesperson against porn can be led by authenticity, and not perfection.  Russell never claims that he has stopped using pornography.  He speaks authentically about his past introduction and present struggle against porn.

There are times when we find ourselves with unlikely allies.  The video is filled with excellent content, and so why waste our time judging and attacking an ally on this issue.

Brand’s video went viral which shows us that…

Our world is desperate for people to speak against pornography.  

I write to encourage all men to speak up against pornography.

Influence your friends.  Influence your circles.  Influence your children.


david in hatDr. G. David Boyd is EA Resources, a non-profit designed to equip parents and emerging adults to survive the 20’s.



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