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Fighting America’s Newest Addiction – PORN

30 Jun

I came across a great website this week that I wanted to share with all of you.  As I have traveled around speaking, I frequently get asked, “What can we do to battle pornography?”  It is asked by fathers with bowed heads.  It is asked by grandfathers with a steady gaze.  It is asked by sons with eyes full of hope.

Christianity has regularly promoted the negative affects of pornography upon individuals, families, and our society. This message has recently gained new momentum from some unlikely sources including Russell Brand.

While not faith-based, this website is full of resources for those who are battling this addiction, or ministering to those affected by it.

Here is the video that I watched.

May God grant your victory today in your pursuit of purity.

Dr. G. David Boyd is the Founder and Managing Director of EA Resources, a non-profit designed to equip parents and churches to understand the needs of emerging adults.




Paying for Millennials to Speak about the Church

25 Jun

Many studies have been completed on why Millennials are leaving the church.  Many writers have pontificated on why Millennials are leaving the church.  (Here is something that I wrote on this topic.)

church (2)

Both are important for discussing this issue, and moving us towards solutions.  However, it is not enough.

In order for us to understand Millennials and their love/hate relationship with the church, we must hear their voices.

EA Resources is looking for articles and videos that answer the question:

Why I left the church? or Why I have stuck with the church?

For articles and videos that we choose to purchase, the individual will be paid $100.  Here are a few notes:

  • The article/video will become property of EA Resources.
  • The article/video may not have been previously published.
  • The article/video must be from someone between the ages of 18-28 due to our desire to hear from Emerging Adults.
  • We will pay $100 for articles/videos accepted for publication.
  • Please keep your submissions brief and powerful.  Written submissions should be approximately 300 words.  Videos should be under 5 minutes in length.
  • Articles/videos can be submitted to Dr. G. David Boyd at

If you know of a Millennial who can share their story well about either why they have left, or why they have stuck with the church, please share this article.

I look forward to hearing your voice!

David Boyd 1 (1)Dr. G. David Boyd is the Managing Director of EA Resources, a non-profit designed to help parents and churches minister to emerging adults.

Jesus Asks Why

22 Jun

jesus on crossAnd about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? (Matthew 27:46 ASV)


Have you ever asked God why? I have.  At various crossroads in my life, I have whispered, cried, and screamed those words.

Sometimes uttering those words brings a flood of guilt, and makes me think that I am lacking faith, misdirected, or simply sinful.

Don’t get me wrong. I am those things [lacking faith, misdirected, and sinful] on a regular basis; however, asking God why does not require any of those things to be true.

I know because Jesus, the sinless Son of God, asked the same question.

He knew God’s mission, but that knowledge made it no easier. In the garden, he prayed for another way, but His prayers did not bring any relief.  With tears, he asked that His cup of suffering might be taken away.

In the midst of his suffering, he cried Why.

This brings me comfort because it is good to know that He understands. He felt the loneliness, the darkness, the pain. He sees how suffering causes me to question God’s presence, and doubt God’s approval.

Asking why can be an expression of our faith as we wrestle with human emotions and our freedom.

Asking why is our reaching out to feel God’s peace in our pain.

005Dr. G. David Boyd is the Founder and Managing Director of EA Resources.  He is the father of three boys, and the husband of one amazing woman.

When Dying is your next Career

18 Jun

PHYLLISI came across a great article this week that I wanted to share with you.  It is entitled, Author Phyllis Tickle Faces Death As She Enjoyed Life: ‘The Dying Is My Next Career’.  The article was written by David Gibson, and was presented by the Huffington Post.

According to the article, “Phyllis Tickle is a Southern-born and -bred mother of seven and a doyenne of religion writers. She is now 81, and a widow living on a small farm in Lucy, Tenn., just outside of Memphis. On the land where her cows once roamed, stray dogs she has adopted and some family surround her. She is being treated for Stage IV cancer.”

Earlier this week, I wrote how Christians need to present a better view of aging and dying.  This article is part of a new perspective.

Phyllis Tickle is a great example of a Christ-follower.  Here are a few of my favorite lines from the interview:

  • OK, now I know what it’s probably going to be, and probably how much time there is. So you can clean up some of the mess you’ve made and tie up some of the loose ends.”
  • “I am no more afraid of dying than I am of, I don’t know, drinking this coffee,”
  • “Christianity is reconfiguring,” she says. “It’s almost going through another adolescence. And it’s going to come out a better, more mature adult. There’s no question about that.”

My favorite is the Title… The dying is my next career.  Her career has been filled with teaching and writing others how to follow God.

Click here for the Article!


Dinner Table Devotions – A Father’s Day Reflection

11 Jun

Father’s Day is just around the corner!  I am excited because for the first time in 14  years, I get to spend the day with my father!

Here is a story that I wrote several years ago about my father.  It will encourage Fathers who are seeking to be a godly example to their children.

Click Here!

Just last night, I watched “Superman Returns” with my sons.  At the end was a quote that says (I think.) “Every Man Deserves a Good Father.  Every Father Deserves a Good Son.”  I am thankful to have had a good father.  I hope that I have been the good son that he deserves.  I pray that I have brought him to joy that I have found in my own children.

Me and My Dad

I took this picture of me and my dad when I graduated with my Doctorate of Ministry in 2013.

Dr. G. David Boyd is the Founder and Managing Director of EA Resources, a non-profit that seeks to be a mediator between emerging adults and the church.





8 Jun

Caitlyn Jenner

While you might be tired of the blogosphere and the various responses to Kaitlyn Jenner, as men there are a few things that we should attentive towards:

1.  Christians have great opportunities to love and listen, rather than seeking to judge and be right.

2.  Christians need to stop drawing lines in the sandbox as if it is their sand, or even their sandbox.

3.  All of us are broken.  We all need God’s grace daily to heal our wounds and strengthen our steps.

4.  Many men struggle with their masculinity.  Manhood has been defined and stereotyped in so many ways, that men feel as if they will never measure up.  Here is one way to define manhood.

I may not agree with everything in the article, but I appreciate the author’s perspective.

I remember Bruce Jenner winning the decathlon in Montreal in 1976 to become “the world’s greatest athlete.”

I remember seeing Bruce Jenner on the Wheaties box.

I never watched a nano-second of a Kardashian episode nor is such on my bucket list. It was a surprise to me that Jenner was married into that tribe.

Read More Here! (aka Kingdom in the Midst) was launched in November 2009. It is the third blog operated by Marty Duren, a Christ follower, husband, father, writer, social media manager and teaching pastor living in Hermitage, TN, just east of Nashville. Marty is the primary author on this blog.

Stinky Armpits and Manhood – Can the two be Severed?

4 Jun
Eeeeew. A chemist's on Portobello Road in London. So much for the whole up-market Notting Hill thing, eh?

I don’t really know what to say. This is really necessary?

Defining Manhood within your Home.

Recently, my wife and I had to buy deodorant for our middle child.  Although he is young, his armpits just smell terrible.  So we had the conversation planned out perfectly, so as to not hurt his feelings, and help him adjust to this new idea.

As soon as we shared the news, he exclaimed.  “I’m a man.”  My wife and I just sat their confused.  Instead of sad about his stench, he accepted the news with great pride as a sign of his being a man.   I am not sure where he got this idea, because I sure don’t run around the house proclaiming the manliness of stinky armpits.

In a world where there are many strange ideas about what being a man is all about, I believe it is important for me to define manhood (based on God’s truth, and with God’s direction) for my three future men.

I am a believer in celebrating rites of passage (link) within a family.  As my oldest turns ten this spring, I am already planning ahead a first step in his transition from boy to man.  A pattern that I appreciate and have chosen to use in my own family comes from Robert Lewis’ book, Raising a Modern-day Knight.

During my years in ministry, I have observed and participated in several rites of passage with young men.  One emerging adult spoke about his father’s role in preparing him to be a dad,

My dad played a large role in my transition into being a man.  When I left for college, he told me, ‘You’re a man now.’  He trained me.  I know that I have his support.  He will back me up and give me advice.  He was the man in my life, and he has trained me on what to do in order to be a man”.

That is the way I want to lead my sons, so that they will understand what God calls us to be as men.  This is not a project that I should do alone, but something I want to do with my wife.  Rachel and I did some reflecting together on what we most want for our boys to be, and we set three goals for our little men.

Boyd Crest - JpegAs a symbol and teaching tool for my family, I asked a friend to sketch a Boyd Family Crest (the uber-talented Allen Nevalainen).  My hope is that each of my boys will instill the values that it represents.  The swords represent the community that they will need as they journey through life.  The rose represents the love that they will demonstrate to others.  The cross represents the purpose for their lives.  The Greek words on the banner can be translated, “One Lord, One Faith, One Hope.”

I believe that intentionality is important for raising our boys to become healthy men.

How do you plan to pass along a legacy of authentic manhood?  Share a thought for our community.

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