8 Jun

Caitlyn Jenner

While you might be tired of the blogosphere and the various responses to Kaitlyn Jenner, as men there are a few things that we should attentive towards:

1.  Christians have great opportunities to love and listen, rather than seeking to judge and be right.

2.  Christians need to stop drawing lines in the sandbox as if it is their sand, or even their sandbox.

3.  All of us are broken.  We all need God’s grace daily to heal our wounds and strengthen our steps.

4.  Many men struggle with their masculinity.  Manhood has been defined and stereotyped in so many ways, that men feel as if they will never measure up.  Here is one way to define manhood.

I may not agree with everything in the article, but I appreciate the author’s perspective.

I remember Bruce Jenner winning the decathlon in Montreal in 1976 to become “the world’s greatest athlete.”

I remember seeing Bruce Jenner on the Wheaties box.

I never watched a nano-second of a Kardashian episode nor is such on my bucket list. It was a surprise to me that Jenner was married into that tribe.

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  1. Mavellian June 8, 2015 at 21:57 #

    What do you think Paul would of said after at his age and fame still refused to repent?

    I believe not a single thing and would of left him to his devices. Some people cannot be reached especially at his level. The bible is the sand box for christians. And Christians are called to love, listen and finally judge. We judge everyday from our small decisions to the appropriateness of a conversation. It is lie to say no one judges or that God calls us not to judge. Condemn is different than judging for we do not if bruce might repent but as far as his judgement he is a sinner who has distorted his nature and is in love with it.

    How worse is a condition to be deceived yet claim that deception brings you happiness. That deception and enslavement which the spirit of caitlyn jenner has assumed is complete and fully manifested before the public and God.

    All that is left for him from us prayer and indifference to his upcoming actions. His judgement though from our sandbox remains. As for his condemnation, that is up to God and the time he has left remaining for repentance.

    Do not follow the world with this politcally correct tolerance non-sense. He in act of courage towards evil is going to open the gate for more men to express their distortion. God does not hate the vessel but he hates the dysfunction of a vessel if it persists in its dysfunction.

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