6 Growth Practices for Leaders – by Mark Oestreicher

1 Sep

Slide1One of the people that I follow in my reading is Mark Oestreicher.  I don’t know him personally (although we are Facebook friends).  I like Mark because he is quirky and unpredictable.  He put a post out last week, and it is worth sharing.

It is so short that I included all of it, but here is the link to Mark’s website.

one of my coaching peeps asked recently for thoughts about growth practices of leaders. i did a little brainstorming while listening to others respond, and came up with this list (uncharacteristically, for me, all starting with the same letter!):

  • Rhythm — some refer to this as balance; but i’m not a big fan of balance. i think the issue, instead, is sustainability. great leaders pursue a rhythm of work and non-work that leads to sustainability.
  • Read — you know the saying, “Leaders are Readers.” read widely.
  • Risk — there is no growth without risk.
  • Renew — healthy leaders find meaningful pursuits that provide recalibration, refreshment and renewal.
  • Reflect — great leaders make intentional time to reflect. this requires a discipline of slowing down (at times).
  • Retreat — overlapping with some of the other practices on this list (particularly rhythm, renewal and reflection), growing leaders pull away for extended times on a regular basis. short bursts of renewal and reflection are great; but real growth also requires more extended retreat.

stop and consider which one of these you’re missing


MThe O Familyark  Oestreicher is a partner in The Youth Cartel, providing services and resources for individual youth workers and organizations. He is married to Jeannie for 28 years, and has two great kids: Liesl (20) and Max (16). Here’s The Youth Cartel’s website. twitter: @markosbeard instagram: @whyismarko

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