Men & Christian Friendship: It Won’t Just Happen on its Own

17 Nov

We all have periods in our lives when we are in need to make new friends.  Although those who know me consider me an extrovert, as I enter a new season of life, I realize that I must push myself in order to make friends.  Here is an article that I hope will encourage you as you establish a network of friends.  

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I own many books, but the ones I reference often I keep above my desk at work. One of these is a 1983 edition of David W. Smith’s The Friendless American Male. It’s a title that, sadly, has only grown more accurate in the last three decades, its content more applicable. Men, especially us hard-working, married-with-children types, are lacking in close biblical friendships. The reasons are varied and several, and it’s not my intent in the space of a daily devotional to present or solve them all. Suffice to say that most men I talk with vouch for the lack of quality friendships in their life, even if they speak of different reasons for the condition.

Here is the rest of the article.

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