Man Chooses Himself for Accountability Partner

13 Dec

I am a fan of the Babylon Bee, which releases satirical posts about Christian behavior.  Over the weekend, I read this article that I wanted to pass along to you.  Even the picture is perfect – it appears to be some cool pastor from the West coast who pastors a growing megachurch with lots of satellite campuses.  Have a good laugh, and then find someone (besides yourself) to build you up for the sake of the Kingdom.

ST GEORGE, UT—Feeling a deep conviction over his indwelling sin and recognizing his need for some serious, hard-hitting accountability, local man Ryan McKenzie announced he had selected himself as his own accountability partner Friday afternoon.

“I have carefully considered all candidates in my life,” McKenzie wrote on his blog. “I thought and prayed deeply over the matter, because I recognize I fall short on my own and need someone who won’t pull any punches and who will help me to see my blind spots—someone who is godly and mature. For my accountability partner, therefore, the choice is clear: myself.”

Here is the full article.



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