What’s Missing from the Masculinity Debate?

20 Dec

The title of the article was definitely something that would catch my attention.  The discussion of the definition and qualities of manhood is important and should be discussed in various forms and forums.  It is my desire for men to know that manhood is clearly “More Than A Beard.”

Within Christian culture, there is always a war brewing over whether the church is to masculine or too feminine (Whatever that really means?).  Gender stereotypes are often unhealthy and destructive to individuals and the body of Christ.

Here is an article by Chandler Epp who discusses how “Popular Christian notions of manhood shame, repel, and ruin too many young boys and men who fail to meet those standards and who do not possess dispositions toward “typical” masculine behaviors.”

Please read and share your thoughts.

DSCN9823 from Flickr via Wylio

© 2005 Eric Lewis, Flickr | CC-BY-SA | via Wylio

I remember the first time someone called me “gay.”

I remember who said it. I remember how he said it. I remember the message he intended to convey.

For two fifth-graders playing at recess, this episode made no commentary on sexuality. Rather, this barb was as an allegation of masculinity—my apparent, ungodly deficit of it.

Here is the Article.


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