Top Ten Blog Posts of 2016

12 Jan

While many are complaining about last year, 2016 was a great year at More Than A Beard!  This year our traffic hit an all time high of 30k visitors.

Here is a list of our Top Ten Blog Posts of 2016.

10.  From boy to man: A response to Albert Mohler.

9.  Be Not Afraid – A Word spoken to those who have been hurt by the church.

8.  How to Write a Christian best-seller… as seen through the questionable behavior of Mark Driscoll.

7.  The Wounded’s Mite – The Offering of those Wounded by the Church

6.  Building a Great Men’s Ministry: Consistency

5.  Building a Great Men’s Ministry: Transparency

4.  Coral Ridge Elders Knew of Tullian Tchividjian’s Affair with married woman

3.  Building a Great Men’s Ministry: Part 1.

2.  Post-Traumatic Church Disorder.

1.  Naming Your Church’s Ministry for Men.

Leave a comment below with your favorite post from 2016.

Thanks for reading and sharing our work through social media to your friends.

David - Prof 2Dr. G. David Boyd is the Founder and Managing Director of EA Resources, a non-profit that seeks to help church and parents understand the needs of emerging adults.

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