Dad, will you do something with me?

21 Feb

picture with boys“Dad,I am getting ready to leave for grandma’s house, and I want you to say goodbye.”  I reached out my hands blindly in his direction and gave him a hug.  My head never turned, but I continued pondering the work that was before me.

“No, Dad.  Look at me.”  My son raised his voice to break me out of my work-induced coma.

I knew he was right.

“I am sorry, buddy. I am just trying to get some work done.”  In the back of mind, I hear the song “The Cat’s in the Cradle” playing (a song which by the way has been banned from the house by my children believe it is too sad).

Time passes whether we want it to or not.  Whether we reflect on it or not.  Reflecting on the endless march of time often brings strong emotion whether over the memories of my childhood, the passing of young adulthood, and even hitting 40.

Each moment is a gift from God.  In today’s world of modern medicine, I sometimes we feel that reaching 75 is a given.  Life, however, has no guarantees.  Just this morning on Facebook, I read about the death of friend from college who died at 40.

Just as each moment is a gift from God, each moment that you share with your children is a gift from you.  In our household, we limit the amount of television that is on in the home, and so shortly after instructing them to turn off the TV, I receive the question, “Dad, will you do something with me?”

I am sad to admit that often the words are regularly met with some sadness or frustration because I feel that I have more important things to do.

However, those are words that as a father that I long to hear and remember.

So today, I will sit down on the floor, or make myself comfortable at his bedside.  I will give my sons a gift that costs no money – the warmth of my presence.  I will fight being driven by duty, but truly engage the moment.

I resolve to find joy in it – whether reading the Bernstein Bears or building with Legos.  I will listen to every word, focus on every movement, and linger with every touch – knowing that Fatherhood is a gift, and in it – I can find great joy.

David - Prof 2Dr. G. David Boyd is the Managing Director of EA Resources, a non-profit that focuses on equipping churches and parents to minister to the needs of emerging adults.


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