Do your kids need friends?

23 Feb

After relocating my family from Minnesota to Indiana, our family has had to make a few adjustments.  Although my wife and I had grown up in Indiana, our lives had changed, and our whole family found ourselves looking for new friends.

Around the dinner table, we discuss how everyone’s day went, and inevitably we end up on the topic of friendship.  Do you have any?  Who are they? and What they are like? 

Unfortunately, we did something everyone says NOT to do.  We moved while our kids are in Middle School.  During this transition, we put a lot of pressure on my boys when it comes to making friends.  I remember my junior high years, every day after school, I would break down in tears because I felt unwanted at my school.

Sometimes, we as parents put too much emphasis on making friends their own age.  Here is a great clip from the Middle (a great TV series for parents), that shows why having peer friendships might be over-rated.

Here is the link.brick-peer-relationships


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