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Decluttering Your Digital Life

21 Jun

We live in a digital age, and we are constantly bombarded by messages.  Messages from school, church, websites, and email.  Each message is trying to capture and keep our attention.  In today’s world, we must learn to make wise decisions about our focus.

One of the best gifts that we can give to our girlfriend, spouse, or children is our undivided attention.

Here is an article about Decluttering your Digital Life.  It comes from a great website called the Art of Manliness.  I pass it along because I feel that the practical steps at the end of the article could be a great help to help focus your life on what is truly important.

Recent years have seen a boom in books (and articles) about being digitally mindful — putting down the smartphone, closing the computer, and engaging with real-world, tactile things. All this content makes the case that our devices are sapping a bit of our soul.

Here is the complete article.

Hatred for that Cat in the Cradle.

13 Jun

I listen to various types of music – disco, Motown, classic rock, and current tunes.  There are very few classic songs that I do not love.

However, there is one song that I have hated my entire life.  A song that makes my skin crawl.  A song that will always make me change the radio station.  “Cat’s in the Cradle” is a 1974 folk rock song by Harry Chapin from the album Verities & Balderdash. 

The song is too depressing, and I still hate it.  Apparently my children feel the same way, because they now throw a fit anytime they hear it.

the middle - cat and cradle

The song was highlighted in an episode of the Middle.

Here is the original scene.  I am a fan of the Middle – Here is a post that I dedicated to the show.   The Middle will give parents an outside perspective of the issues facing emerging adults – with ALOT of laughter.

The second video definitely lightens the mood.  Here is the video.

While in the midst of raising your children, remember that like other life stages – emerging adulthood has its trials and blessings.

Whether you love or hate that song,

Remember to minimize the trials, and focus on the blessings. 

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