5 Ways to Kill Warmth in Your Family (by Kara Powell)

22 Jul

This article came out last year from Kara Powell.  It is a great reminder about how to build a healthy (or warm) family environment.  We all want it, but to maintain this environment, it takes constant work.  Enjoy.


Math homework. It’s normally not a battleground in our family, but last week, it was.

Our youngest’s fifth grade teacher had been a bit rushed in her math explanation that day, so Jessica came home not fully understanding how to do her homework.

Normally I can calmly teach my kids math. But this particular day, I lacked patience. And tact. And wisdom. And a whole host of other things. Twice I had to send Jessica to the couch until she “had a better attitude.” She was close to tears. I was grouchy.

Here is the entire article.

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