10 Ways a Man Makes His Wife Feel Ugly without Saying a Thing

11 Aug

This list is long, and impossible to keep to perfection.  However, this article is a powerful reminder to how our actions and words affect those whom we love.  I pray that one or more of these will be used by the Spirit in your life to build or rebuild your marriage.

Days before I got married, my pastor’s wife told me, “Your husband will never intentionally hurt you.” Twenty-two years later, I believe she was right—for the most part. Yet the key word is “intentionally”. Even though the average guy isn’t making it his mission to hurt his wife, he can unintentionally leave her feeling rejected, unseen, devalued—and ugly—without ever saying a thing.

Here is the full article.


One Response to “10 Ways a Man Makes His Wife Feel Ugly without Saying a Thing”

  1. Melinda Taylor August 11, 2017 at 08:15 #

    Tears are in my eyes right now. I was married to an abusive man. He did all of the things that you described and he still does that to me. When I got married the Marriage license became a bill of sale. He did it again this week-end at the 100th birthday party for his mother. I love his mother and she has stood by me through all of this. I read a story I had written about her life called Roses Wrinkles. When I got done I had a standing ovation and he had to stand up and tell everybody how hard she worked and not a bit of love in it. I am sorry I am dumping on you. But words and actions hurt to the core of me.

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