Aaron Clark

“C” Is For “Compassion”

Aaron Pearson

“Q” Is For “Quiet”

Adam Hannan

Engaging Your Children

Road Trip 2.0: “Are We There Yet?”

Adam Rozanas

Give Her A Compliment, Man!

“O” Is For Obedience

Brad Andres

A Porn Viewer’s Prayer

Fighting Porn Addiction

Pornography And Proverbs 5

“R” Is For “Respect”

Brandon Pachey

Don’t Leave Them Behind

Why Men Hate Going To Church

Overwhelming Life, Overwhelming God

“Save For Later”

Lead Like Jesus

I Think I’m Having A Meltdown

“H” Is For “Hustle”


Deviating From The Plan

Letting It Grow

Bryan Logan

BattleBots and Perspective

Don’t Be The Fun Parent

Ask Not What Your Wife Can Do For You…

Are You Waiting To Start?

Chad Ray

“M” Is For “Maturity”

Chris Morris

Husbands, Reject Miss Bliss

Book Review: What It Means To Be A Man

“T” Is For “Tomfoolery”

Daniel Day

Things Have Changed

Intentional Christian Ep 1: Good Intentions

Intentional Christian Ep 2: Common Callings

First Steps

“G” Is For “Gentleness”

The Shot

David Wonders

Book Review: “Who Do You Think You Are?”

So God Made A “___”

Beyond The 78.2

How Do We Respond

Punch Fear In The Face

The Parent Dictionary

Men Wanted…

Out Of Gas

Building A Great Men’s Ministry (Part 1)

Ricky Bobby Hands And Linen Ephods

“F” Is For “Forgiveness”

Book Review: “Seven Men”

My Favorite Music Of 2013 (So Far)

Book Review: “I Call Shotgun”

Building A Great Men’s Ministry: Consistency

I Made A T-Shirt Cannon For $10… And So Can You!

My 10 Favorite Non-Fiction Reads of 2013 (So Far…)

Teach Me To Number My Jelly Beans

Book Review: “Clean”

A Few Words On Saving

A Few Words On Seasons

A Few Words On Editing

A Few Words On Islands

Four Things I’ve Learned In 4 Years Of Marriage

Book Review: “Death By Living”

A Few Words On Priorities

A Few Words On Eruptions

G. David Boyd

The Dinner Table

Forest Johnson

Head And Heart

Broken Crowns: Mumford & Sins

The Wedding Funeral

When God Says No

“S” Is For “Sarcasm”

James Prescott

“E” Is For “Encouragement”

Jason Hesse

“Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try.”


Jason Otwell

“K” Is For “Kind”

J.B. Sisam

More Than “What If?”

“D” Is For “Devoted”

Jeremy Riley

Learning To Be Dependent

I’m About To Become A Father

Joel Onyshuk

Beating Women… To The Door

Rethinking “Finding Your Calling”

“W” Is For “Will”

Josh Collins

“B” Is For “Brave”

The Most Important Thing We Forget About Growing

Becoming Initiated

Josh Irby

“N” Is For “Nobility”

To: You, From: The World

Joy Lenton

“I” Is For “Integrity”

Keagan Blanke

Debt, Doubt, And Decisions

Kim Fortenberry

What Do Women Need From Men?

Lucas Dougherty

Climb Those Mountains

This Whole Parenting Thing

Why Do Bad Things Happen? God Where Are You?

Mark Seignious

“P” Is For “Perseverance”

Matthew Gannon

“U” Is For “Unflappable”

Mary May Larmoyeux

He Had Two Affairs In 18 Months

Ryan Reveley

T-Ball, Here I Come!

Happy Birthday, Superman!

“A” Is For “Average”

Lessons From The Baptizer

Sam Couture

If Jesus Gave “Man Cards”

Sean Seehan

I’m New Here… And I Think I’m Lost

“Y” Is For “Yearning”

Shelley DuPont

“J” Is For “Just”

Steve Erickson

“V” Is For Vision

Steve Goble

“L” Is For “Legacy”

A Few Words On Help

Steven Macks

Fight Club And The Prosperity Gospel

Boys And Girls

Ted Goodwin

1% Greater Than 99%?

Tim Gallen

“Z” Is For “Zany”

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