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Why You Need the Church (And Not Just a Campus Ministry)

29 May

Russell Moore is president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (Website Bio).  He has recently made news as one of the few Southern Baptists to question support for the direction of the Republican party.  While I would not agree with this man on several topics, I found this article on his website, and wanted to share it with my readers.

Please share with your graduating seniors.

May is graduation season. All across the country, thousands of high school seniors are getting ready to leave high school and hometown behind as they go off to college. This includes many Christian students, for whom a move to a new city means being away not just from the comforts of home, but from their home church. Away from the gathering of Christians they’ve known for years, many students will look to their school campus ministry to fill the void.

Here is the full article.

At the end of the article, he gives practical ways to stay connected to a church including:

  • Resist the temptation to keep your membership in your home church.
  • Join a church in your college town, as soon as you find one with a commitment to Christ and the Scripture.
  • Find a church where some people will know your name, and will know if you are not present.
  • Make a friend who will ask you where you were if you missed a weekend.
  • Spend some time with people in your congregation who are not in the same place in life as you–a lonely senior adult, a harried thirty-something Mom, a sarcastic fourteen year-old kid.
  • Pester the church leaders of the church for some way for you to exercise your gifts in the congregation–and let the leaders recognize and encourage your gifts.

What are some additional ideas for connecting with a new church community?


20 Scripture Verses that Define Mature Manhood

9 May

Group of men - churchI enjoyed reading through these verses to encourage and remind my about masculinity and manhood is all about.

A beard might help you look like a mature man. A “manly” smell based off the latest deodorant or cologne campaign might help you smell like a mature man. Even a high ranking position at work or a recent increase in salary might make you feel like more of a man. But nothing, and I mean nothing, better defines what it means to become and stay a mature man than the scriptures.

Here is the rest of the article from the website – Manturity.

At MTAB, we desire to write and share resources that encourage a biblical understanding of what it means to be a man.  Here are some additional articles that we think you will like.

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  2. Does manhood rely on moving out?
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X-Plan: Giving Your Kids a Way Out

4 Apr

This article has made many news shows, and went viral on Facebook, but if you are a dad, and you haven’t seen it yet – please read it below. 

Friends, as most of you know, I get to spend an hour each week with a group of young people going through addiction recovery.  xplanYes.  Young people.  I’m talking teenagers who are locked away for at least six months as they learn to overcome their addictions.  I’m always humbled and honored to get this time with these beautiful young souls that have been so incredibly assaulted by a world they have yet to understand.  This also comes with the bittersweet knowledge that these kids still have a fighting chance while several of my friends have already had to bury their own children.

Read the entire Article here.

As more people claim to be “spiritual” more than religious, what exactly does that mean?

28 Mar

While in Johnson City, Tennessee, I began a conversation with a shuttle driver named Jeff.  He asked me why I was in town.  I explained I was speaking at a church, and said that he “hoped it was full of the Spirit.” 

I began asking him about his studies.  Jeff shared about his major, and what he wanted to do when he was done with college.  He was more than eager to talk about his life experiences, and how they had shaped him.  He was extremely articulate, and well-read in various philosophies. 

Here is the rest of the article, and what I learned that day.

Dr. G. David Boyd is the Founder and Managing Director of EA Resources.

Fostering Virtual Faith: Is online community real?

14 Mar

As the internet has become more apart of our lives, discussions have been around for years about the possibility of a virtual church.  Here is an article that speaks about a truly virtual church, and how it desires to reach out to Millennials.

The Rev. Sion Gough Hughes, pastor of a Protestant church in Melbourne, Australia, was surfing the web a couple years ago when he happened on a Facebook page that challenged his understanding of his calling. 

Continue reading

Do your kids need friends?

23 Feb

After relocating my family from Minnesota to Indiana, our family has had to make a few adjustments.  Although my wife and I had grown up in Indiana, our lives had changed, and our whole family found ourselves looking for new friends.

Around the dinner table, we discuss how everyone’s day went, and inevitably we end up on the topic of friendship.  Do you have any?  Who are they? and What they are like? 

Unfortunately, we did something everyone says NOT to do.  We moved while our kids are in Middle School.  During this transition, we put a lot of pressure on my boys when it comes to making friends.  I remember my junior high years, every day after school, I would break down in tears because I felt unwanted at my school.

Sometimes, we as parents put too much emphasis on making friends their own age.  Here is a great clip from the Middle (a great TV series for parents), that shows why having peer friendships might be over-rated.

Here is the link.brick-peer-relationships


Dad, will you do something with me?

21 Feb

picture with boys“Dad,I am getting ready to leave for grandma’s house, and I want you to say goodbye.”  I reached out my hands blindly in his direction and gave him a hug.  My head never turned, but I continued pondering the work that was before me.

“No, Dad.  Look at me.”  My son raised his voice to break me out of my work-induced coma.

I knew he was right.

“I am sorry, buddy. I am just trying to get some work done.”  In the back of mind, I hear the song “The Cat’s in the Cradle” playing (a song which by the way has been banned from the house by my children believe it is too sad).

Time passes whether we want it to or not.  Whether we reflect on it or not.  Reflecting on the endless march of time often brings strong emotion whether over the memories of my childhood, the passing of young adulthood, and even hitting 40.

Each moment is a gift from God.  In today’s world of modern medicine, I sometimes we feel that reaching 75 is a given.  Life, however, has no guarantees.  Just this morning on Facebook, I read about the death of friend from college who died at 40.

Just as each moment is a gift from God, each moment that you share with your children is a gift from you.  In our household, we limit the amount of television that is on in the home, and so shortly after instructing them to turn off the TV, I receive the question, “Dad, will you do something with me?”

I am sad to admit that often the words are regularly met with some sadness or frustration because I feel that I have more important things to do.

However, those are words that as a father that I long to hear and remember.

So today, I will sit down on the floor, or make myself comfortable at his bedside.  I will give my sons a gift that costs no money – the warmth of my presence.  I will fight being driven by duty, but truly engage the moment.

I resolve to find joy in it – whether reading the Bernstein Bears or building with Legos.  I will listen to every word, focus on every movement, and linger with every touch – knowing that Fatherhood is a gift, and in it – I can find great joy.

David - Prof 2Dr. G. David Boyd is the Managing Director of EA Resources, a non-profit that focuses on equipping churches and parents to minister to the needs of emerging adults.


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