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Drew Dyck on Depression and Anxiety

18 Apr

Drew Dyck is an acquisitions editor at Moody Publishers and a senior editor at CTPastors.com.  Drew Dyck is the author of Generation Ex-Christian (of which I am a fan).  In this article, Drew writes about his journey through anxiety and depression.

I have had my own struggle with depression – due to PTCD (Post-Traumatic Church Disorder).  So I know the destruction it can bring.  I hope this article will be an encouragement to you.

Three months ago I took my last antidepressant.

Well, it was more like a sliver of an antidepressant, a pink little tab cracked off from a larger one. I had been weaning off Paroxetine (the generic form of Paxil) for a month, taking increasingly small doses—25mg, 20mg, 15mg, 10mg …

Here is the rest of the article.

Finding Freedom From Anxiety

5 Jan
I found this article posted by Authentic Manhood written by Bill Delvaux.  

Finding Freedom from Anxiety

My freshman year in high school, I ended up with a late lunch period with mostly upperclassmen I didn’t know. I clearly remember walking down into the cafeteria unsure and fearful about where I should sit. I tried eating with a few freshmen I didn’t know and then with some sophomores I barely knew. In both cases, I felt unwanted, like an intruder. So for the next few days, I tried another tactic: I sat by myself at an empty table. It took care of my social anxiety, but now I felt shame at being perceived as a complete misfit, provoking only more anxiety. So I made a crucial decision: I quit going to the lunchroom and ate lunch by myself in the locker room. Sure, I was lonely, but I wasn’t anxious anymore.

Read the entire article here!

More Than “What If?”

12 Apr


I recently read a quote by author John Bevere on his Twitter page, “Don’t judge your future by where you’ve been! If you do, you’ll never go beyond your past!”

The question I pose, what in your past, is holding you back from fulfilling who Christ has called you to be? We’ve all heard the phrase, “What if…?” But the attitude behind this phrase is the very thing that holds us in bondage. It keeps our minds and spirits at bay by forcing us to keep reliving the past. Continue reading

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