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Gifts for Father’s Day

2 May

Do you have trouble buying something for that special man in your life?

  • Does he seem to have everything that he needs?
  • If you ask him what he wants, does he stare as if you are speaking a foreign language?
  • If you pick it out, does it lay in the closet, or get returned?
  • Are you tired of buying tools and duct tape?

Here are some ideas to help you make this Father’s Day Amazing.

1.  Personalized Gifts – Rather than run to Walmart the day before – a gift that is unique to your family member is always a win whether it is a keychain or ring.  Here is a company that I would recommend for a personalized gift.  Or consider a personalized sign – from here.The Madison

2.  Create a moment.  A gift that would create a memory with the family, or relive a memory from their past.  What does the man in your life love to do, and how could you give him a  reason to do something he loves?  Maybe it is a trip to the shooting range for your hunter, or scheduling a Star Wars marathon party for that Nerd that you love.  What is unique to them which could create a memory? 

3.  Reflect on Love.  Take a moment to reflect individually or together on an aspect of your relationship.  This could be through a well-written card, or a walk around the block.  Some men love the public praise given on social media like Facebook or a Tweet, while others prefer a private expression of love.  As a father of three active boys, it is truly a gift when my wife works with them to plan a meaningful expression of love.    

picture with boys4.  Celebrate his Fatherhood.  A gift that helps the man of your life focus on the laughter and love he has with his children.  Children can be stressful, and sometimes dads need some assistance in planning times of relaxation and fun with their kids. Each dad is different, so whether it is throwing a ball with your son, or building a Lego set – what is something that celebrates his particular strengths as a father.

Becoming a good gift giver does take some work including reflecting on the person receiving the gift and discerning what would bring them joy. 

Dr. G. David Boyd is the Managing Director of EA Resources.  He is the father of three boys, and a beautiful wife.

Drew Dyck on Depression and Anxiety

18 Apr

Drew Dyck is an acquisitions editor at Moody Publishers and a senior editor at CTPastors.com.  Drew Dyck is the author of Generation Ex-Christian (of which I am a fan).  In this article, Drew writes about his journey through anxiety and depression.

I have had my own struggle with depression – due to PTCD (Post-Traumatic Church Disorder).  So I know the destruction it can bring.  I hope this article will be an encouragement to you.

Three months ago I took my last antidepressant.

Well, it was more like a sliver of an antidepressant, a pink little tab cracked off from a larger one. I had been weaning off Paroxetine (the generic form of Paxil) for a month, taking increasingly small doses—25mg, 20mg, 15mg, 10mg …

Here is the rest of the article.

Premature Intimacy

9 Feb



Copyright by Aaron Roberts Photography 2016


I believe in purity. I believe in purity rings. I believe in setting physical boundaries in relationships in order to keep from hurting ourselves and others. This is something that is often taught, lectured, and discussed in Christian circles. However, I think we are missing something. Something BIG.

Physical intimacy is something to be shared only within the boundaries of marriage. God created a special connection called marriage for a man and a woman to enjoy sex and physical intimacy.

However, after years of working with students, I have discovered that there are many students who while keeping their bodies pure, have crossed over boundaries in other areas that I believe should be reserved for God’s design of marriage.

Is physical intimacy the only intimacy a man and woman can experience? As humans, we know that there are several types of intimacy that two humans can enjoy including emotional, spiritual, and physical. I believe that God desires to keep us pure until marriage in every aspect of our lives. I believe that intimacy in all areas should be reserved for marriage.

(While I am not usually into dissecting human relationships into different aspects, please be patient as you will quickly see my point without a drawn-out explanation of each area, or a need for distinct lines. I usually run from books that dissect relationships into a new way just to sell books. However, because of the Purity Movement, and its focus on the physical intimacy of teens, I felt this needed to be written.)

There should be boundaries in various areas of our lives that keep Christians from becoming intimate too quickly. Christians should be careful so that they do not cross the line of “two becoming one” before they enter into marriage.

For example, many young adults are surprised to hear that I do not encourage them to share their devotional lives. I do believe that guys and girls can and should pray together, but regular times of deep prayer/ bible study as a couple can cause premature spiritual intimacy. Your spiritual health becomes dependent on the other person, and so when the relationship is broken, you are left to pick up the pieces of your walk with Christ. Students should regularly talk about their spiritual lives, but boundaries should exist.

This is also true when it comes to emotional intimacy. Both guys and girls bear their entire hearts in a relationship, and then feel emotionally vulnerable after the relationship is over. No wonder they feel uncomfortable after the break-up and can no longer be friends. A boundary has been crossed.

I have worked with too many guys and girls who have not kept boundaries in their lives, and so with each broken relationship they wound their heart. These wounds turn into scars, and scars lead to calluses. A calloused heart can hurt a marriage even before it begins, so let’s guard ourselves from premature intimacy.

I am not saying that dating or relationships are evil. I simply want students to retain intimacy for the day that they walk down the aisle.

What are your thoughts and experiences? What do you think are some good boundaries to put up in a dating relationship?

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David - Prof 2Dr. G. David Boyd is the Founder and Managing Director of EA Resources.



Christmas Gift Ideas for your Wife that reflect your Common Faith.

22 Dec

© 2008 Jennifer C., Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

Christmas is around the corner, and I wanted to give my readers a few gift ideas for this season.

This year the gifts must have a connection to the concept of Christian faith.  I hope that they help spur you towards remembering your spouse this Christmas.

1.  Pinterest is a wealth of nice products (I am proud to admit that it took me four times to spell that word.)  Here is one site that focused on Christian Gifts for women.  I don’t have an account, and they blackened half the screen because I didn’t sign-up for an account, but it is worth going to see even if you only see a small section of screen.

2.  My sister-in-law runs a personalized jewelry store called, “Tag… You’re It!”  Here is their facebook page.  They are currently closed for new orders (because they are so busy!), but look through their site and make an order for Valentines Day, or some other event.

3.  Give a goat (in her name).   While I don’t think this is the only thing you should have under the tree, you can truly donate a goat to a needy family overseas through World Vision.  Here is the website if you think this idea is not-so- baaaaahhhd.

4.  Attend a Christian Marriage Conference or Begin Counseling.  I know that many women would be completely satisfied with this gift.  A marriage conference or counseling can turn a rocky marriage around, or turn a good marriage to great.  Do an internet search for something in your area.

5.  If you like a gift for her that is really about you, then you might like this shirt.  This website had several other Christian t-shirts that you might like.

I heard this week from several co-workers that they didn’t really care what they got as long as they could tell that their husband put some thought into the gift.  So start thinking, and don’t rely on last-minute shopping at Walmart.

And above all…

Have a Merry Christmas!


Dr. G. David Boyd is the founder and managing director of EA Resources.  He is proud to admit that he is already done with his Christmas shopping.



10 Christian Team USA Athletes at Rio Olympics 2016 Who Put God

18 Oct

I was doing some reading on male athletes who confess to be followers of Christ.  Please check out this article.

Team USA athletes have fans rooting for them an ocean away while they participate in the Olympic games taking place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

A number of those athletes are making sure to stay rooted in God. The Christian Post has rounded up 10 Olympic athletes who are placing more importance on their relationship with God than the coveted Olympic medals they are seeking.

Here is the full article!

team usa olympics rio 2016

(PHOTO: REUTERS/FABRIZIO BENSCH)  Michael Phelps (USA) of United States (blue and white cap) joins team members as they huddle during a visit to the Olympic swimming venue.

The Golden Calf of Youth Sports

4 Oct

We usually go to church on Saturday evenings. This happens to coincide with my favorite sport to watch – college football. Often, my team would be playing right up until church starts. I leave the TV set, but keep wondering about the outcome, distracted through the entire church service. I’m not focused on the message or the worship.

andrew-soccerBut, I can focus plenty when I’m in game mode. I make sure the screen and volume are precise. Food is prepared, distractions are limited (kids, wife, phone calls…). I was telling my family, “Family, I’m going to be worshiping the next few hours during this football game – don’t interrupt!”

Over time, I heard God asking me some tough questions:

You can read the rest of the article here!

Chad FosterChad serves as the Middle School Assistant Principal at Christian Academy of Louisville. He is passionate about men leading their homes and our country. He is married to Hollie and is raising 3 children.

Manliness by Written to Speak

25 Mar

I was introduced to spoken-word poet, named Tanner Olson, who has an excellent video on what it means to be a man.

Here is the Link!

Tanner Olson - Video

Tanner Olson is a writer, speaker, and spoken-word poet from Orlando, Florida currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. He writes under the name Written to Speak. He hopes to write, speak, and live honest words of love. You can follow along at www.writtentospeak.com or follow him at @tannerJolson.151017_Tanner-0255-8

If you are a writer or artist, and would like to join our team of contributors, please contact me at gdavid@earesources.org.


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