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Becoming a Man – Taking time to Laugh

29 Jul

I am a fan of the show The Middle for many reasons.  Being a man in today’s world doesn’t happen by accident [What is a Man?].  It doesn’t happen by simply getting older.  As a father of three future men, this clip reminds me how I need to walk with my children as they mature into men.

While the journey may sometimes be frustrating, it can also be humorous.

Watch this clip as a reminder to take time to laugh while training your children.

Here is a clip from The Middle, from an episode called “the Smell.”

Brick and Deodorant

The Golden Calf of Youth Sports

4 Oct

We usually go to church on Saturday evenings. This happens to coincide with my favorite sport to watch – college football. Often, my team would be playing right up until church starts. I leave the TV set, but keep wondering about the outcome, distracted through the entire church service. I’m not focused on the message or the worship.

andrew-soccerBut, I can focus plenty when I’m in game mode. I make sure the screen and volume are precise. Food is prepared, distractions are limited (kids, wife, phone calls…). I was telling my family, “Family, I’m going to be worshiping the next few hours during this football game – don’t interrupt!”

Over time, I heard God asking me some tough questions:

You can read the rest of the article here!

Chad FosterChad serves as the Middle School Assistant Principal at Christian Academy of Louisville. He is passionate about men leading their homes and our country. He is married to Hollie and is raising 3 children.

A Letter to Dad – He’s Better off Dead if he’s Gay.

22 Dec

Please note that this article is not an argument about the morality of same-sex relationships.  It is a story about a parent’s response to their child’s sexual orientation.  It is written by Sam Riviera.


You probably thought you’d never hear from me again. Well, it’s me. I’m alive.

But now I’m somewhere where you can never find me or hurt me.

LGBT Homeless TEenThere’s a public library near here where I can get on the internet. I check Facebook. Sometimes I see your posts. I read that you found out I’m gay. Did you really say “He’s better off dead if he’s gay”? What is that supposed to mean? Is that some kind of threat? To your own flesh and blood? You want me dead? Seriously?

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8 Aug

#howtodadEnjoyed this commercial, and thought many of my readers would as well.  May today you fully engage in life by being the best dad you can be.


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