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Fantasy Readers

28 Mar

Calydrian ProphecyAs a child, I used to spend hours reading.  A few of my favorite reads were:  the Redwall Series, the Hardy Boys, the Chronicles of Narnia, and the Lord of the Rings.

There were many other series that I started to read as a child, and then stopped because I felt as if the content was not good for me.  It was heart-breaking to fall in love with an author’s work, only to have to put it down for the sake of my spiritual/mental health.

Sometime during college, I began to write a fantasy novel.  I have released the novel on Inkitt.  If you are interested, please check it out.  Here is the Prologue.

How had they found us? We had been so careful–never to leave tracks, never to draw attention, never to reveal our faces. We journeyed through wind, rain, freezing cold and scorching heat–stopping not for light of day nor cover of night. Though we felt we could not take another step, we pressed on. How many times had we fled? Countless. Sometimes because of dangers real; sometimes due to fears imagined. We could never take a chance, however the price of discovery being too great.

Here is the story.

Fantasy Fantasy Football League

14 Aug











This year I am embarking on a new manventure: Fantasy Football.

I am excited to compete against some of my brothers in Christ, but I am also painfully aware of how out of my depth I am. I’m a huge nerd, but that nerdiness doesn’t typically extend into the realm of sports… But could it?

What if instead of putting together a fantasy team,  I put together a fantasy fantasy team?

Think about it! How cool would it be to have a team with…

  • Gandalf on defensive line (“None shall pass!”)
  • Juggernaut as a running back (once he gets moving, nothing can stop him
  • Dhalsim as kicker (he’s got serious legs and great extension)
  • Ender Wiggin as coach (natural strategist/underdog)

If you could draft any superhero, mythological creature, wizard, alien, video game character, etc. who would you pick and why?

Let’s put together the ultimate team of good guys and bad guys!

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