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Hatred for that Cat in the Cradle.

13 Jun

I listen to various types of music – disco, Motown, classic rock, and current tunes.  There are very few classic songs that I do not love.

However, there is one song that I have hated my entire life.  A song that makes my skin crawl.  A song that will always make me change the radio station.  “Cat’s in the Cradle” is a 1974 folk rock song by Harry Chapin from the album Verities & Balderdash. 

The song is too depressing, and I still hate it.  Apparently my children feel the same way, because they now throw a fit anytime they hear it.

the middle - cat and cradle

The song was highlighted in an episode of the Middle.

Here is the original scene.  I am a fan of the Middle – Here is a post that I dedicated to the show.   The Middle will give parents an outside perspective of the issues facing emerging adults – with ALOT of laughter.

The second video definitely lightens the mood.  Here is the video.

While in the midst of raising your children, remember that like other life stages – emerging adulthood has its trials and blessings.

Whether you love or hate that song,

Remember to minimize the trials, and focus on the blessings. 

Dinner Table Devotions – A Father’s Day Reflection

11 Jun

Father’s Day is just around the corner!  I am excited because for the first time in 14  years, I get to spend the day with my father!

Here is a story that I wrote several years ago about my father.  It will encourage Fathers who are seeking to be a godly example to their children.

Click Here!

Just last night, I watched “Superman Returns” with my sons.  At the end was a quote that says (I think.) “Every Man Deserves a Good Father.  Every Father Deserves a Good Son.”  I am thankful to have had a good father.  I hope that I have been the good son that he deserves.  I pray that I have brought him to joy that I have found in my own children.

Me and My Dad

I took this picture of me and my dad when I graduated with my Doctorate of Ministry in 2013.

Dr. G. David Boyd is the Founder and Managing Director of EA Resources, a non-profit that seeks to be a mediator between emerging adults and the church.




To Make this House Our Home

16 Apr

© 2006 James Thompson, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

To make this house our home, we must acknowledge the Owner.  Not the bank, but the Owner of all.  He is the one who has brought us together.

To make this house our home, there must be food.  Food is what nourishes our bodies and souls.  It will give us strength and energy to face what lies ahead.

To make this house our home, it will need plenty of windows which will allow the light to shine in our darkness and guide our footsteps.

To make this house our home, it will need to be a little messy.  A place of activity, a place of fellowship whose hallways resound with laughter.

To make this house our home, the door must always be open.  Open to those lacking love, to those who lacking safety, to those lacking a family.

To make this house our home, we must make it a priority to be present.  Together during times of play, times of prayer, and times of work.  We cannot be absent in either body or mind.

To make this house our home, the rooms must be filled with grace.  Grace that is freely given.  Grace that is humbly received.  For each member is not perfect and each will have times when they are in need of grace.

Through wisdom is a house built; and by understanding it is established; And by knowledge are the chambers filled With all precious and pleasant riches. (Proverbs 24:3-4 ASV)


Dr. G. David Boyd is the Founder and Managing Director of EA Resources.  When not writing, he works alongside of his beautiful bride Rachel seeking to make their house –  a home.

Grace at 2 AM

17 Oct

riley 2 I used to think that I was a servant, and would always go out of my way to help others.  However, that idealized portrait of myself dissipated when the cries in the middle of the night from my daughter Lucy began last month.

My inward response was, “Kristen, you go change her.”

In my mind, the logic was flawless.  She needed to be up to feed her anyway.  I, on the other hand, should be allowed to get more sleep.  Although it seemed logical, I am not sure that my wife appreciated my wisdom.

The truth is that when I was most vulnerable and without any excuses, I found myself not the saint that I had always imagined.  I even considered faking sleep at times that first week or two so I wouldn’t have to leave my cozy bed.

Truth be told, I choose to be selfish, I choose to let my darling wife take care of the neon yellow poopy diaper.

I once heard that becoming a dad helps draw out new characteristics of a man.  I have found that I’m learning more about myself, but especially my weaknesses.  I’ve learned that I still have a ways to go when it comes to serving other people.

The good news is that I don’t have to be perfect, I don’t have to pretend that I have it all together.  One of the great things I have learned this year is that I can choose to forgive myself and give myself grace by placing myself before God’s gracious throne.

I don’t have to have it all together, but through my deficiencies I can point others to the grace of God.

This lesson of God’s grace is a lesson I want to instill in my precious daughter.  I want her to grab onto the promise that God’s grace is abundant and that she doesn’t have to beat herself up when she’s low, I want my daughter to embrace this reality and to flourish in the beauty of his Amazing Grace.

I’ll still work on getting up when Lucy cries, but may God give me the ability to extend grace to others even at 2am.

Rileys-41Jeremy Riley is a twenty-something husband, father to a
beautiful daughter, and recent graduate student living the dream in the
O.C. A soon to be transplant to San Francisco, he work as a youth
mentor and helps them think through big questions of life. He is a
history lover, political junkie, and a stand-up desk guy.  Jeremy blogs
regularly on the intersection of faith and life at jeremydriley.com
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