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The TV show that All Parents of Millennials Should be Watching!

26 Jan

I am always behind when it comes to watching television.  On average, I would say about 7 years!  This past year, some friends introduced us to a new sitcom called the Middle.

The Middle is set in small town Indiana (which I know from experience has a very unique culture).  Patricia Heaton is great – who became famous in the show – “Everybody Loves Raymond”.  The Middle is currently in its 7th season on ABC.  During the last two seasons, Axl and Sue have grown up and left for college, and the show has touched upon several of the issues that parents of Emerging Adults face – homesickness, money, autonomy, financial aid, vocation, identity formation, and renewing your relationship with your spouse as the children leave home.  Watching the show will help you understand that you are not alone, and puts a positive and funny tone to all that you are going through.

Here is a description of the show:

In the Heck family, middle-age, middle-class, middle-America mom Frankie Heck (two-time Emmy winner Patricia Heaton) uses a sense of humor to try to steer her family through life’s ups and downs as she tackles her career goals. Her unflappable husband, Mike (Neil Flynn), is a manager at the local quarry. Oldest son Axl is an obstinate young man; awkward daughter Sue cannot seem to find her niche — despite much enthusiasm in her attempts — and youngest son Brick is an unusual child whose best friend is his backpack.

Here is a link that I found where their second child – Sue is calling home from college because she is homesick.

the middle


Husband Fails – By Story of This Life

9 Oct

I came across this video, and I wanted to share it with my readers.  It is worth every second.

Here is the link.  Click Here!

Husband fails

We all have husband failures at times.  Learn to laugh.



A Biblical Case for Awesome Beards

1 Jul

Here is a funny article from Relevant Magazine about beards, and the views of the church through the ages.  The article will give you plenty of ammo if someone says that it is time for you to shave.

It almost convinced me to grow mine back… but not quite.

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