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2017 Mother’s Day Gifts

11 Apr

I am not the best gift giver.  As I write, I realize that half of my wife’s Christmas gifts remain unopened and unused.  I believe it is the thought that counts, and so I press on in my adventure to become a good gift giver.

Becoming a good gift giver does take some work, some of that work includes reflecting on the person receiving the gift and discerning what would bring them joy.

So whether you are buying for your mother, or the mother of your children, here are some thoughts to Mother’s Day 2017.

  1.  Personalized Gifts – Rather than run to Walmart the day before – a gift that is unique to your family is always a win whether it is a necklace, keychain, ring, or bracelet.  For instance, we got necklaces that were engraved with each of our children’s names.  Here is a company that I would recommend for jewelry.  If you are looking for some interior signs for your home – check this out.personalized jewelry
  2. gift this year, I found one of hCreate a moment.  A gift that would create a memory with the family, or relive a memory from their past.  For example, my wife is the only female in our family and rarely gets to watch her favorite childhood movies.  As a er favorite movies, and we will spend time as a family recreating her joy.

    mother and boy

    Photo by Chris_Parfitt via Wylio

  3. Plan to Pamper.  Everyone likes to be catered to in some way.  So on Mother’s Day – Mother knows best, and gets to choose.  I know this seems basic, but it often gets forgotten especially if your family involves children.  Pampering doesn’t require spending money on an expensive services like a manicure/pedicure (although many women do enjoy them), but it can be done on a budget.  Whether it is a back massage with a warm bath, or a few moments of quiet time and a glass of ice tea.  Plan a time when she feels like a queen.
  4. Reflect on Love.  Take a moment to reflect individually or together on an aspect of your relationship.  This could be through a well-written card, or a walk around the block.  Some mothers love the public praise given on social media like Facebook or a Tweet, while others prefer a private expression of love.


David - Prof 2Dr. G. David Boyd is the Managing Director of EA Resources, a non-profit designed to equip churches to minister to the needs of emerging adults.


10 Mother’s Day Gifts That Won’t Cost a Penny

8 May

Parents should their role-modeling quotient.We are all looking for ways to save money without short-cutting our wife on Mother’s Day.    I saw this article, and wanted to share it with you.

Please make sure to remember your MOTHER, and your WIFE. Have a great holiday weekend!


Dr. G. David Boyd


Stepping up to the Plate on Mother’s Day

6 May

Mother’s Day is almost here.  Before you run out to Walmart, and buy the first thing that catches your eye, let’s think about that precious woman in our life – the mother of our children.

She is the one who endured the unnatural and strange food cravings, losing that food to endless morning sickness, the swollen feet, the inability to see your feet, the sleepless nights, the low back pain, the endless trips to go to the bathroom, the weight gain, the permanent TV tray protruding from her belly.  Did I even mention the pain of delivery? Or the recovery?

Taken towards the end of the photo shoot, guess the cuteness was to much for her; She did it.  Maybe you are the one who listened to her early morning gagging, put up with a little complaining, and made late-night trips to Dairy Queen or the grocery store, but overall we got off really easy.

Yes, we know that she is not YOUR mother.  However, that doesn’t get you off the hook (especially if you are the father of younger children).

She stepped up to the plate, and delivered.  Here is a day to say thanks.  Here is the day to acknowledge her home run.

It is now your turn up at bat.

Make it special.  Make it personal.  Make it now.

Don’t wait.  Don’t forget.

Don’t strike out.

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