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7 Lessons for New Fathers: Do It Anyway

16 Jun

By Ryan Casey Waller, pastor at Church of the Incarnation

Here are seven lessons for new fathers. What do you think? What would you add?

img_08171. IT’S OK TO BE SCARED.
I was terrified when my son was born. Overjoyed? You bet. But also terrified. I was thirty, in a loving, stable marriage, employed, and scared out of my bloody mind. Who’s actually ready to be a father? Nobody. So stand up, take a deep breath, and get ready to become the man you’ve always hoped you could be. You’re not ready. Do it anyway.

Yes, it’s gross. Yes, it’s hard in the dark. Yes, you’ll be terrible at it. Do it anyway. Wiping a baby will forever change the way you experience love. Something magical happens when we use our hands to love. I can’t explain it. You just have to do it. You’ll never regret it. Well, actually, you might regret some of them. Do it anyway.
Your wife will threaten to kill you if you wake the baby. And sometimes, you will. And she will try to kill you. Do it anyway. There is no view on earth like the one from above the crib at night. If you want a sneak peak of the Good Lord’s shore this side of a heart attack, watch your baby sleep. Then slip your finger in his hand, and try not to lose it when the warmth of his palm becomes the only thing in the world.

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A Few Words On Priorities

22 Aug

Changed Priorities Ahead

Dear Dave,

I hate getting on your case too much, but you need to take an honest look at your priorities. You don’t have infinite amounts of free time, so how are you spending it?

  • How many minutes have you blown on Facebook today?
  • How many clips on YouTube have you watched?
  • How many hours of leisure reading have you racked up this week?

It’s time to close up the computer, power down the cell phone, and turn off the TV.

God is first priority. Amanda and Lily come second. You come last.

Let’s get it together bro!




photo credit: add1sun via photopin cc

The Parent Dictionary

22 Apr


When you become a parent, not only does your perspective on the world change, but your vocabulary begins to shift. Words take on totally new meanings. Here are a few words that all of the dads out there will be familiar with, and all the dads to be should start learning…

CASSEROLE– A combination of favorite foods that go uneaten because they are mixed together

DESSERTS– The reason for eating a meal

DUMBWAITER– One who asks if the kids would care to order dessert

EVAPORATE– Magic trick performed by children when it comes time to clear the table or wash dishes Continue reading

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